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Webinar - 433 & 435 Churchill Ave, 468, 470 & 472 Byron Place Development - Zoning By-Law Amendment Application & Site Plan Control Re-submission

You may recall that an application resubmission has been made for the proposed development at 433 & 435 Churchill Ave, 468, 470, & 472 Byron Place. You can read more about the resubmission details here. 

We are hosting a webinar open house with the community to discuss these changes further. The webinar will be:

Monday, June 29 at 7:00pm


2070 Scott Street Development - Zoning By-Law Amendment and Site Plan Control Application Re-submission

For those following the progress of this development, the applicant has submitted new revised plans and studies. These can be viewed on HERE and are labelled with “2020-06-08”.

The applicant described the 2nd submission highlights as follows:


84-96 Hinton Avenue - Site Plan Control

An updated Site Plan Control application has been submitted to the City for 84-96 Hinton Ave. You can review the details on DevApps. The proposed development will be a mixed-use development with residential and commercial units. A four-storey low rose apartment building with a total of 24 residential units will be constructed on 84-86 Hinton Ave.


Rochester Field construction

Rochester Field will become a busier place in the course of the following months as it becomes the storage and construction area for the LRT. I've received the construction notice and diagram of how it will be configured below.


A way forward on police funding

In the wake of George Floyd's death in the US, councillors have been receiving numerous notes asking Council to reduce the funding made available to police. This is a critical discussion to have. Anti-Black and other forms of racism are systemic and present in all our institutions and society, and we need to continue to address it.


2046 Scott St Development - Zoning By-Law Amendment

City staff have received a Zoning Bylaw Amendment application for the properties located at 2046 and 2050 Scott Street and 295, 299 and 301 Ashton Avenue. The applicant seeks to introduce the appropriate zoning to permit the development of a 30-storey high-rise mixed-use building, which includes a six-storey podium element. The building will contain a ground floor commercial component with a yet to be determined tenant.


1705 Carling Ave - Zoning By-Law Amendment Application + Webinar Open House

You may recall that in Spring 2018, we approved a Site Plan Control application for the property at 1705 Carling Ave. You can review those details here. The previous owner has since sold the property to Claridge, who are now proposing a new building through a Zoning By-Law Amendment.


433 & 435 Churchill Ave, 468, 470 & 472 Byron Place Development - Zoning By-Law Amendment Application & Site Plan Control Resubmission

For those following the progress of this development, you may be interested to know that the applicant as resubmitted an updated Site Plan Control in response to the initial round of feedback from both the community and the City. You can review the full documents on DevApps

After discussions with the City, the proposed development on 433-435 Churchill Avenue has undergone a number of changes. A list of the major changes is as follows:


Majority of Ottawa residents opposed to urban boundary expansion: EKOS poll

(Ottawa-5/25/2020) Residents of Ottawa have expressed clearly their concern that expanding the land available to developers for housing will put new pressure on the delivery of City services, and increase greenhouse gasses, taxes and traffic congestion.

In a poll conducted by EKOS Research Associates, 52% of residents say they oppose an expansion of the urban boundary compared to 31% who support it. The poll was commissioned by Councillors Catherine McKenney, Shawn Menard and Jeff Leiper.

In the poll of 525 Ottawa residents conducted between May 20-May 23:


243/245 Hinchey Development Proposal

243/245 Hinchey low-rise apartment proposal

In addition to the application for 250/252 Hinchey to which I made reference last week (here), I've received another head's up, this one for 243/245 Hinchey.