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Broadview heritage designation

One of the most welcome developments in Kitchissippi has been the announcement of a completely new school to replace Broadview Public School. Parents, students and teachers are looking forward to moving into a brand new facility in Fall 2016. Recently, the community learned that, as a result of a request from residents in the community, City staff have researched and will recommend that a portion of the old school (“the tower”) be given heritage protection.

Now, parents and community members are wondering about the implications of that recommendation.


Tega decision makes clear need for OMB/land use planning reform

Councillor Leiper responds to yesterday's decision by the Ontario Municipal Board, expressing his disappointment that Tega Homes will now be permitted to build an 18 and 12 storey condo building next to the Parkdale Market despite the hard work of residents and the opposition of City Council and the Community Design Plan for the area.

It’s going to get a bit noisy at Clifton Avenue...

After consulting with neighbours and negotiating specific limitations with the developers, Councillor Leiper alerts residents of some changes to the noise regulations on the worksite at 319 McRae, to speed up construction of the new office building by Broccolini and Bridgeport.


Finally! Our Kitchissippi Ward office is officially open!

While we were touring City Hall, Councillor Leiper and our new office team ran into a familiar face: Mayor Jim Watson, who welcomed us to City Hall, gave us a full "backstage" tour of his office, and offered to pose for this photo with us.

But the day wasn't all photo-ops (although almost all the major media outlets did stop by as well). We spent the rest of the morning getting the office set up, and by lunch time, we were already fielding calls from constituents and media and started the next four years of helping Kitchissippi residents solve problems.


Welcome to my new Web site

Message from Jeff: welcome to my new constituency Web site, where I will be serving you, informing you, and helping you solve problems. It's a bit thin for now, with just the basics. But keep checking back over the next few months to see more and more content, as well as new tools like an ongoing event calendar, polls, and information.

I envision this as one of the most important avenues for communication with you, so please, let me know what you think, and what you'd like to see here!  

We nailed "Together". Now let's get the "better" started!