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Gladstone Station District Secondary Plan - Official Plan Amendment & Zoning By-law Amendment

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Site Location
The Gladstone Station District Secondary Plan area is generally bounded by Somerset
Street to the north, Highway 417 to the south, Breezehill Avenue and Loretta Avenue (south
of Gladstone Avenue) to the west, and Preston Street (including properties facing Preston
Street on its east side) and Booth Street (south of Balsam Street) to the east.

Applicant’s Proposal
The City of Ottawa has initiated an Official Plan Amendment, including the proposed
Gladstone Station District Secondary Plan. Likewise a proposed Zoning By-law Amendment
has been initiated to support the implementation of the proposed Secondary Plan.

Description of Area and Surroundings
The lands compromising the Gladstone Station District exhibit key features creating unique
opportunities and challenges for their future redevelopment:
o Large underutilized ‘superblocks’ exist throughout the study area separating or creating
barriers to neighbourhoods, but also providing great potential for establishing new
connectivity and uses, and accommodating more residents and workers, and public spaces.
o Other publicly-owned lands create part of the existing character of the area, including the
City-owned Plant Bath and Plouffe Park (north-east of study area) and the OCDSB-owned
Adult High School (south-east of study area),
o Privately-owned lands characterize the remainder of the study area, with a generally finegrained,
urban fabric east of the rail corridor and the former “Oak Street Complex”, but there
are also some larger sites west of the rail corridor.
o Adjacent communities – Little Italy/Dalhousie and Hintonburg - are vibrant and pedestrianscaled
o Proximity to the multi-use pathway along the north-south rail corridor creates strong desire
lines throughout the site and benefits for both existing and future residents, as well as,
commuting and recreational cyclists and pedestrians travelling through the district.
o Site topography, including bridges and the existing O-train track, creates barriers and
elevated areas challenging the area’s connectivity, but also offering potential views.

Proposal Details
The City of Ottawa has completed a Secondary Planning study, under the Ontario Planning
Act, to update the planning and design policy for the study area, called the Gladstone
Station District. The study was undertaken because significant growth and change is
expected over the next 20 years because of the area location in the west downtown Ottawa,
and in particular, given the amount of vacant or underutilized land and the future LRT station
on Gladstone Avenue.

An Official Plan Amendment (OPA) and a Zoning By-law Amendment application. The
purpose of this OPA is to implement the new land use and urban design policy direction for the
Gladstone Station District by adding a new Secondary Plan to Volume 2A of the Official Plan

a. Amending Schedule B – Urban Policy Plan of the Official Plan Volume 1 to modify the
boundary of the Mixed-Use Centre and the General Urban Area; and to extend the
Traditional Mainstreet in the Gladstone Station District;
b. Repealing the existing Preston-Champagne Secondary Plan in the Official Plan Volume 2A;
c. Introducing the Gladstone Station District Secondary Plan to Official Plan Volume 2A.
As a companion to the OPA, a Zoning By-law amendment is being proposed at two large
sites, 933 Gladstone Avenue and 818 Gladstone Avenue. These proposed zoning
amendments will support the implementation of the proposed OPA.
Official Plan Amendment
The primary purpose of the Official Plan Amendment is to adopt the proposed Gladstone
Station District Secondary Plan. A planning study was undertaken for the Gladstone Station
District area that identified a vision, goals and objectives, and policies that will guide how
growth, intensification and change will occur over the area. It will guide future development on
private and public properties and required City works on public lands. The Secondary Plan
provides land use and design policies under the Planning Act, and contains broad policy for the
area, as well as specific policy direction for its distinct character areas, including matters of land
use, built form, and public space and mobility.

Zoning By-law amendment:
The zoning amendment is supported by the proposed Official Plan Amendment. The
amendment proposes diverse areas that permit a broad range of housing types and a mix of
uses, including significant affordable housing, commercial, retail, institutional uses, and
supporting public realm.

The main changes of the Zoning By-Law Amendment are as follows:
933 Gladstone Avenue
1. Rezone the site from the current MC F(1.5) zone to MC 17 subzone, removing the maximum
floor space index requirement of 1.5, and replacing it with specific height provisions, as
shown attached in the proposed schedule; an area would also be rezoned to R4T zone.
2. The proposed MC 17 subzone would also require amending to Section 192 to permit
specific uses and performance standards, as shown attached.
3. The proposed MC 17 subzone and R4T would amend Part 15 (Exceptions) by adding
attached as an exception.
818 Gladstone Avenue
1. Rezone the site from the current TM and R4 zones to a TM 15 subzone and R5BB and R4T
zones. This would permit the development of a range of built forms, including low-rise, midrise,
and high-rise buildings, as shown in the proposed schedule. High-rise buildings would
be located to the southern edge of the property, nearest the Queensway.
2. The proposed TM 15 subzone would also require amending to Section 198 (Traditional
Mainstreet) to permit specific uses and performance standards, as shown.
3. The proposed TM 15 and R5BB would amend Part 15 (Exceptions) by adding attached as
an exception.

More information and the full report is available on DevApps.

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Posted August 12, 2020