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501 Cole heritage designation upheld by Tribunal

I'm very pleased tonight to note that the Ontario Land Tribunal has upheld City Council's heritage designation at 501 Cole. It's not a complete victory for the City: two of the three criteria asserted by Council as supporting designation were denied. However, on the basis of the third criteria, contextual value, the Tribunal upheld Council's decision. It wrote in its conclusion: "We have an area with a definable sense of place.


10 Garrison St - Rezoning Application - Open House

The applicant for the property located at 10 Garrison Street is bringing forward a Zoning By-Law Amendment application to construct a three-storey low-rise apartment building, with a total of 10 dwelling units. This proposed redevelopment will involve demolition of the existing single-detached home on the site, located adjacent to the Metro grocery store and west of Western Avenue (and just north of Wellington Street). 

• The proposed building consists of a total of 10 residential units.


335-339 Roosevelt Ave. - Site Plan Application

The development proposal for 335-339 Roosevelt Avenue, comprising a mix of low and mid rise residential buildings, is currently in pre-consultation discussions with staff regarding Site Plan Approval.   As a result of initial consultation with staff, City Parks’ staff have requested parkland on the site.  This was not contemplated during the previous Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendment stages and therefore a revised site plan concept is being considered that would add one storey to one building and two storeys to another. Such a revision would also mean a potential OPA/rezoning. 


246 Westhaven Crescent - Zoning By-law Amendment - Open House

The property owner of 246 Westhaven Crescent is proposing to convert the existing triplex (built in 2015) into a six unit building.  No additions or changes to the current building envelope are proposed.  To permit this change, a rezoning from R3R to R4UC is required.  This zoning matches the zoning for the properties immediately to the south of the property. 


Our office will be hosting a virtual Open House with the community to provide an opportunity for the applicant team to share information on the proposal, and answer questions that neighbours may have. 


Ottawa housing stats

This post is updated on an evergreen basis with the latest data available from the CMHC for housing completions, starts and under construction.

The CMHC today published its December 2023 housing numbers, which I've plugged into my tracker. There is a very large pipeline of projects under construction, but Ottawa ended the year with slightly fewer completions in 2023 than 2021 (7890 versus 7938) but more than in 2022 (7668). There were 2,188 singles completed in 2023, 212 semis, 2,337 rows and 3,153 apartments.


Most recent bus route review draft

One of my first tasks when I'm back in the office on Monday will be to take a close look at the most recent draft of the proposed new bus routes proposed as part of a re-structuring intended to help restore some stability to the system. Below, I've posted the most recent document that we received (click on the .pdf). That was passed on from OC Transpo with the caution that they are now nearing the finalization of these after having spent the past couple of months getting feedback from the public and councillors. 

I've only scanned it, but a few things stand out.


609, 611, 613, & 615 Parkview Road - Zoning Bylaw Amendment Pre-Consultation - Open House

In October 2020, a Committee of Adjustment hearing to divide two lots on Parkview Road garnered significant interest from residents of the area. The Committee denied the application, which was then appealed and approved by the Ontario Land Tribunal. This resulted in the four separate lots now identified as 609, 611, 613 and 615 Parkview Road. Four triplex buildings have been constructed and the previous owners have sold the properties. The new owners of 609, 611, 613, & 615 Parkview Road are considering an application to re-zone each lot to allow for one additional dwelling unit.


The Lays bag and the fire

Last week, I wrote quickly about my stance against building an incinerator. I've seen some reaction to that and a few of you have written to me either agreeing or disagreeing. I'd promised to set out more of my thinking.

The problem that I see is not just a waste problem. It’s also consumption problem. Most of the climate damage that’s implied in the waste we generate is accrued well before we even think about how to dispose of material. The disposal itself is just a variety of bad options.


OC Transpo route review

OC Transpo has this afternoon helpfully provided a single document with all the most recent draft changes to bus routes. Download that below by clicking on the .pdf at the bottom of this post. On Tuesday, we'll be exploring those at a Transit Commission meeting and I've been contemplating the multiple changes in our ward.


July 26 LRT update

Starting Monday, trains will start to be re-introduced gradually into service while R1 bus replacement runs in parallel. Read the full details in the .pdf below.