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Office of Councillor Jeff Leiper
November 19, 2016
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Welcome to the Kitchissippi Ward newsletter!


Bayswater/Somerset meeting summary

There is now a summary of the Bayswater/Somerset community safety meeting posted here. It addresses some of what we've heard are problems in the area, and some of the suggested actions arising from the meeting. Again, thank you to all the residents who came out to it. While we have no overnight solutions, there are several concrete steps we can take to address violence at the corner.

Moving forward with next steps on potential Pontiac closure

Over the past couple of months, we’ve heard a lot of feedback on whether to press ahead with a proposal I originally heard from community members to close a portion of Pontiac in order to join Champlain Park with the NCC property to the north. That idea captured my and others' imagination, and we've had a rich consultation on it.

As we go into the Champlain Park Community Association annual general meeting next week, I’m preparing to let folks know I’ve decided to proceed with next steps toward achieving that. There’s no guarantee we can accomplish it, but I’ve had enough discussions with the City to be confident that the plan is achievable.

Clearly, it would have pros and cons. Our consultation has raised a number of separate but notionally-related issues on which we’ll also have to work. But, I’ve heard the overwhelming support, counted the traffic, listened to the concerns, and am feeling very comfortable that this step would be to the overall benefit of the quality of life year-round in Champlain Park. Read more here.

Hateful graffiti and community solidarity walk Sunday

This past week, there have been six hate crimes perpetrated in our city - graffiti on synagogues, Jewish community centre, a mosque, and United Church. The graffiti was hateful and racist, with references to some of our society's basest impulses.

Police are investigating these as hate crimes, and anyone with information about them should call the police to pass that on at 613.230.6211. On Friday night, an individual was arrested in connection with hateful graffiti at the Solway Jewish Community Centre in our ward, for which we are grateful.

We are all disturbed by these incidents. They are not representative of the hearts of Ottawa residents, our values, our tolerance, our generosity.

Councillors Catherine McKenney, Tobi Nussbaum, David Chernushenko, Jean Cloutier, and I invite you to walk on Sunday to give expression to our desire that Ottawa residents work every day to fight hate. We need to address hate's causes, and we need to call it out whenever we encounter it in our daily lives. We need to talk about it with our loved ones, friends and colleagues. It is all of our responsibility to build a city on a foundation of love so that the hate that is in the hearts of some is not allowed to fester.

Please join us at the corner of Island Park Drive and Scott Street on Sunday at noon, from where we'll walk to Wellington and Somerset streets and finish at Plant Bath. It's 3k in total, and shouldn't take more than an hour and a half.

There will also be a Crime Prevention Ottawa speaker series event, "Addressing Hate Crimes: Creating a Safe City for All" on Friday, November 25 from 8 am - 10:30 am at City Hall. I hope many of you will have the opportunity to attend. There are more details about that here.

Money in the parks fund: let's spend it!

I am delighted to finally launch our ward-wide consultation on how to use current and future ward parks funding that comes from cash-in-lieu of parkland payments made by developers. Wesley Petite will again be facilitating a community consultation, this time on what our priorities are for parks building and improvement. The consultations get underway starting November 26. It's really important that everyone participate if they can. We'd very much like to hear from sports groups, community associations, kids, seniors, teens - everyone! Read more here.

Champlain Park Community Association AGM

The Champlain Park Community Association is holding its AGM on Tuesday, November 22 in the field house at 149 Cowley Avenue. I’ll be on hand to provide an update about potential next steps for the Pontiac closure.

Spencer Street update

The substantial work on Spencer Street is finally complete. But, the project manager has passed on several important points. The new bicycle lanes and other permanent markings, as well as raised intersections, won't be complete until spring when the final asphalt lift is done. It looks like only new stop bars will be painted before year's-end. And, you may still see some contractors on site as minor work such as top soil placement is done over the next while.

Pop-up hours November 25

My next pop-up office hours will be held at 616 Kirkwood on Friday November 25 from 9-12. A quick note that my pop-ups in these apartment buildings tend to be focused on resident issues, but we'll keep an eye out to let folks into the common room if you're coming from outside the building.

Next tree consultation

The next in-person consultation on the draft Urban Tree Management Plan will be held on Monday, November 21 at City Hall. Full details are available here. Follow the link for information on an online survey due November 30.

Bazaars and Craft Fairs!

Fisher Park hosts its craft fair on Saturday December 3 from 9:30-3 at 250 Holland Avenue. The St. Stephen's Presbyterian's bazaar will be held at 579 Parkdale from 9-1 on November 26.

At City Hall

It is extremely busy at City Hall, and we're working furiously to keep up with ongoing ward issues and consultations. In fact, it is with some trepidation that I've opened up next week's calendar to see what's ahead. At City Council, we'll deal with the OMB issue I outlined last week, as well as updates to the City's alcohol policy. We also have Planning Committee where we'll deal with that department's budget. In additon, at Planning we'll be exploring a major amendment to the Official Plan to include new growth projections, the Ottawa Employment Land Review Final Report and related considerations, as well as the Land Evaluation and Area Review for Agriculture Study. For the policy and data wonks out there, it should be a fascinating meeting. See the Council meeting agenda and reports here, and the Planning Committee agenda and reports here.

I also have meetings looking at winter programming at the new Field House at Van Lang with our partners, a look at some interesting long-term transit plans, cycling plans, our ward traffic calming spending, the abovementioned potential Pontiac closure, some neat new signage tech, and multiple other resident, staff and stakeholder meetings. It's a packed week as the budget process crunches on and the holidays loom.

Many of you have come to expect a list of Committee of Adjustment hearing items in the newsletter. Unfortunately, the December 7 agenda is not yet online as I write.

Enjoy a wonderful week, Kitchissippi!


Many thanks to Eric Coates, artistic director at the GCTC in our 'hood, for his invitation to pop by to say hi to the first group of seniors to take advantage of a new "Especially for Seniors" program. It's an accessible, affordable way to enjoy a play and light lunch catered by Kitchissippi institution Thyme & Again. Read more about it here.


For more, visit our site at KitchissippiWard.ca.

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