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Sidewalk rehabilitation coming this year to Hilda Street, Patricia Avenue North

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Improvements are coming to sidewalks on Hilda Street and Patricia Avenue North later this year. The following notice was sent to nearby residents. It's important to note the rehabilitiations will occur on the west side of Hilda and the east side of Patricia.


Dear Resident,


The City of Ottawa has begun design work for a multi-site sidewalk, curb, multi-use pathway and traffic-calming measures project in the west end of Ottawa. This work is being completed to provide safer traveled paths and to improve user connectivity to pedestrian links. 


Who:     Design consulting firm, Morrison Hershfield, has been retained by the City to develop preliminary and detailed designs for the construction contract that is currently scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019.


Why:     The City has selected several existing assets for repair based on their condition and geometry. Sidewalk and multi-use pathway rehabilitation works are typically done to assets that existing condition requires repair or that existing geometry or surface material is not up to standard. In these cases, the existing assets will be reconstructed to City of Ottawa standard.


               Furthermore, the City has determined, based on the Ottawa Pedestrian Plan, other areas of work where pedestrian links are absent. The City intends to construct these missing links in order to provide a more unified experience to users. The proposed sites were selected based on priority and funding availability. The facilities will be constructed while harmonizing to existing infrastructure.  


               Additionally, the City will be implementing traffic calming measures to reduce neighbourhood speeds and cut-through traffic, while providing cyclists with safer roadside facilities. The City of Ottawa is constantly in tune with resident inquiries concerning high cut-through traffic or areas where traffic speeds are not followed. Through public consultation, the City has identified areas where such infrastructure would be warranted to increase user comfort and safety.


What:    Work will involve the removal of existing soils, sidewalks, curbs and multi-use pathways, such that new infrastructure can be constructed. During the construction, there may be temporary lane reductions during off peak hours and parking restrictions near the vicinity of the work to take place.


When:   Design work is currently underway, and will be completed in spring 2019. Construction is currently expected to begin in the summer of 2019 and run through the fall of 2019. The construction schedule will be confirmed through the detailed design process. A Notice of Construction will be delivered to local residents prior to the commencement of construction activities.





From & To

Type of work

Approx. Length (m)

Hilda Street West

Armstrong Street to Wellington Street West

1.8m sidewalk rehabilitation


Patricia Avenue East

Sunnymede Avenue to Premiere Avenue

1.8m sidewalk rehabilitation






Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. The City makes every effort to provide access through and around construction sites. If you require special accommodation, please contact the Design Consultant or the City’s Project Manager.


Construction Disruptions

The Contractor will take every precaution to minimize interruptions to the everyday life of your family and/or operation of your business, but, as you can appreciate, there may be some inconvenience during the course of the work, such as traffic delays, parking restrictions, and noise. We would like to thank you for your patience and co-operation.


Impact on the Right of Way and Adjacent Private Properties

The construction is within the City’s right of way but may result in some disruption to part of the private property directly adjacent to the work. Lawns, pathways, gardens and/or driveways may be disturbed. The affected areas will be reinstated as soon as possible after construction is completed, at no cost to you. However, if you have plants or any other assets located within the City’s Right of Way that you want to preserve, we suggest that you may want to move them in preparation for the construction work.


Contact Information

For any emergency outside normal working hours on weekdays and weekends, please call the City at 3-1-1.


For further information about this project, please contact the City’s Project Manager:


City’s Project Manager:                                            Design Consultant

René Monast, P. Eng.                                                 Brad Hewton, P. Eng.

Project Manager, Infrastructure Projects                  Senior Project Engineer

Design and Construction Municipal Branch            Morrison Hershfield

100 Constellation Drive, Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8       2440 Don Reid Drive, Ottawa, ON K1H 1E1

Tel: 613-580-2424, ext. 23161                                   Tel: 613-739-2910

Email:                              Email:


cc:       Councillor Jeff Leiper, Ward 15 - Kitchissippi


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Posted May 1, 2019