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#IBikeIBuyWEEK Scavenger Hunt & The Time Trial

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IBikeIBuyWEEK Scavenger Hunt

The Grand Tour & The Time Trial

From Saturday, July 22 to Saturday, July 29, 2017 we are celebrating #IBikeIBuyWEEK with a unique, family-friendly, city-wide, Canada 150 mega extravaganza cycling adventure!

The adventure has two options for members of the public to participate in:
Option 1
#IBikeIBuyWEEK: The Grand Tour

On July 22 at 10:00am, a list of scavenger hunt items will be released to the public via Twitter [@KitchissippiOTT] & Facebook. A specific Facebook Event page #IBikeIBuyWEEK Scavenger Hunt has been created for this event. Everyone who wishes to participate will have until 8:00pm to complete as many tasks as possible on the list. People will be encouraged to post their progress on social media [using the hashtag #IBikeIBuyWEEK], & to win the grand prize will have to submit photo evidence of the tasks they completed. At 6:00pm on July 29, a winner(s) will be announced!

Option 2

#IBikeIBuyWEEK: The Time Trial

Meanwhile, also on July 22, people are invited to participate in a condensed, fast-paced version of the scavenger hunt. Participants are encouraged to gather at Somerset Square at 9:45am, & will be off by 10:00am. The list will have less tasks, over a smaller geographical area, & will have a 2-hour time limit. The first person to submit evidence of the most tasks completed will be deemed the winner. This event will be live tweeted via @KitchissippiOTT. The winner of this event will also get a prize.

Both scavenger hunt lists are a mix of items to purchase, places to visit within Ottawa, or easy activities to complete.


  • All scavenger hunt tasks must be completed during the allotted times
  • Each time you complete a task, you must tweet it out using the hashtag #IBikeIBuyWEEK
  • Each purchase must be logged on
  • You must also submit a list of the tasks you completed, with the accompanying photo or video evidence, by the end of the allotted time

Make sure to join the Facebook Group for up to date details!

What is #IBikeIBuy?

Created in 2015, stemming from the installation of a new bike corral at Fairmount & Wellington St W, is a website & app program that encourages cyclists to log their spending. The #IBikeIBuy program is now City-wide, championed by Councillor Leiper, Councillor Chernushenko, Councillor Deans, Councillor Fleury, Councillor McKenney, Councillor Nussbaum, & Councillor Taylor! Check out for more information.

Posted July 14, 2017