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Filing Traffic Reports Online: Public meeting August 15

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Our office and the Ottawa Police Service invite you to attend a meeting August 15, 7pm at the Van Lang Fieldhouse to discuss how to report traffic issues to the police.

Traffic continue to be a main concern for residents of Kitchissippi Ward. The more we intensify, the more cars we seem to find on our streets. Our office gets multiple emails a day about cars that drive too fast, cruise through stop signs, or don’t follow various signage restrictions (local traffic, one-way, no right turns, etc).

We do what we can with our Temporary Traffic Calming Budget. That’s why you’ve seen flex stakes spring up in the middle of the road, and digital speed boards at various locations around the ward.

But the reality is some things require police attention. The OPS encourages residents to report traffic issues to them as it helps determine where their future patrols will be deployed. They have a link on their website devoted to this:

We do hear from time to time from residents who have difficulty with the online form. On August 15 at the Van Lang Fieldhouse, 29 Van Lang Private, representatives from the OPS will be on hand to deliver a presentation to help residents better understand the process.

The meeting will be from 7pm to 8pm and will consist of a 15 minute presentation followed by a question and answer session.

We hope to see you there.

Posted August 1, 2018