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Concentrated street sweeping comes to Kitchissippi

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It's street sweeping time!

Street sweeping in our ward has been the source of some concerns since, on many of our roads, a high persistent volume of parked cars can mean the trucks need to visit and re-visit the street several times, and often overnight, to clean up completely. I'm happy to note that this year the City's "concentrated" program will be extended to parts of our ward.

"Concentrated" sweeping works much like snow bank removal. Signs go up, equipment is queued, parking banned, cars towed, and the whole job done in one shot. The work is done during the day to minimize overnight disruption. It can take as many as six to eight passes to finish the job, and by doing it all at once we can prevent multiple visits over a long period, including overnight work.

Click on the .pdf below to see where it's planned in Kitchissippi over the next while. As with snow clearing, I suspect this is subject to change if unforeseen circumstances arise. Watch for the signs (pictured: on my street this afternoon). My thanks go to the City for finding the resources to extend this helpful program.



Posted April 6, 2018