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Bayview Yards expansion to FEDCO

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The Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards (ICBY) is asking Council for permission to finance and build a ~600 square meter, two-storey addition for ~$3.5 million as pictured in the inset. Insofar as I can ascertain, the building would be as-of-right - that is, wouldn't require planning approvals other than for a building permit and a heritage permit (with authority delegated to staff for the decision).

The addition is being proposed in order to meet what the ICBY's board has identified as an immediate need for space, and the business plan to achieve breakeven is attached in the documents below.

The proposed building is being designed by Barry J. Hobin Architects, so I'm reasonably certain it will be attractive and blend well with the existing heritage building. My main questions right now are around shadowing. The Mechanicsville Community Association and its partners have done a spectacular job with the Mechanicsville Innovation Garden, and I would be very uncomfortable with any proposal that would compromise the growing conditions in those beds.

If you have concerns, please let me know. The item will come to Council's Finance and Economic Development Committee on November 5, then Council on November 27. I've appended the full reports below.

Posted October 28, 2019