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#11 Route Changes

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Please be advised that OC Transpo’s summer service starts on Sunday, June 24. Several changes will be made to the #11 route to help get ready for rail and the opening of O-Train Line 1, the Confederation Line, later this year.

  • Route 11 will be modified to serve Tunney’s Pasture Station via Holland Avenue, providing a connection to the future O-Train Line 1 station. Service will be removed from Westboro Station, McRae Avenue, and Churchill Avenue.  Route 11 will now provide service on Richmond Road between Churchill Ave and McRae Ave, which currently is not served by a transit route.  Please refer to the attached map.
  • Route 11x will be renumbered as Local Route 151 and extended from Westboro Station to Tunney’s Pasture Station via Scott Street.

When going north and south along Holland, the revised Route #11 will serve the existing bus stops.

Along with adding service on Richmond Rd between Churchill and McRae, three new bus stops on Richmond Road will be added to provide better access for customers that are currently boarding Route 11 along Churchill and McRae. The new stops are:

Richmond at McRae (eastbound) - A new stop will be installed on the south side of Richmond Road near side of McRae Avenue. The stop would be located near the stop bar of the intersection and extend west approximately 26 meters west to the hydro pole. This area will require standard ‘No stopping’ signage, to demarcate the bus stop zone, and the removal of approximately 3 on street parking spots.

Richmond at Eden (westbound) - The stop will be located on the north side of Richmond Road near side of Eden Avenue in front of Westboro Montessori School. This location offers an extended curb, which follows the lane edge and removes the need for buses to have to change lanes to access the curb. There would be no requirement for the removal of parking at this location. The curb line extends approximately 19 meters and is approximately 6 meters in depth providing a comfortable waiting space for customers.  

Richmond at Edgewood (eastbound) - The stop will be located on the south side of Richmond near side of Edgewood Avenue. Approximately 3 parking spaces would need to be removed to accommodate this bus stop.

The new bus stops will become effective on June 24th. These new stops will reduce walking distances and bring Route 11 closer to businesses and residents in Westboro Village.  Staff have carefully reviewed this corridor, and the new bus stop locations have been assessed with regards to impact on parking, transit operations, and customer service.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our office with any questions! Happy riding. 

Posted June 7, 2018