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Rising property values in Kitchissippi street by street

Since Kitchissippi saw the City's greatest increase in assessed value in the recent MPAC round, I've been seeking info from staff to get a little more granular data to help me understand on a neighbourhood basis what's going on. In the table below, I don't have the total number of properties, so can't order them that way. But, what's pretty clear is that many of the big jumps are in Hintonburg and Wellington Village, with some other hot spots across the ward including the highest numbers in Westboro. As I have the chance, I'll dig further, but know many residents will be curious to see these figures. Below are the number of properties on each street that saw an increase of 13.5% in assessed value or more.

We're all proud of the ward, and it's obviously a desirable place to live! But, the numbers do point out something we've known for a while - the 'hood is becoming unaffordable to many. Looking at these data points, we'll need to continue to be mindful of those for whom rising property values make it more difficult to stay in their homes, and to ensure we have housing that can serve a diversity of residents.

Posted July 21, 2016