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Release of Budget Speak Report

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As many of you will remember, I had the pleasure of co-hosting with my other Urban Caucus councillors the “Budget Speak” consultation at Tom Brown Arena on
10 February 2015. I’m now very pleased to be able to share with you today, the final report as prepared by the Citizens Academy.

I thank you all again for your participation in this process. It was the first time this kind of consultation had been done, as a way of exploring and engaging on a very complex topic. The other councillors and I have learnt a lot through this process and your feedback is being applied to our budget conversations. It will also be used in coming weeks as we discuss how we approach the upcoming term of council strategic priorities. This ultimately means that the feedback from this process will inform not just this budget, but the next three budgets.

Furthermore, we have also taken into consideration the feedback you provided on the process itself and how you found the sessions. We’re seeking to incorporate that feedback into future sessions for the 2016 Budget.

So going forward, we’re intending on sharing the report with our other colleagues, the City Treasurer, the Mayor’s office and the City’s executive management. We’re going to ask for a revisit the format of future City led consultations and start planning for next year.

And this isn’t the end of the conversation. You will be informed about future events and please do let us know if you have any other feedback you want to incorporate.

En raison de contraintes de temps, nous n'avons pas pu traduire le rapport complet en français, cependant, il sera disponible pour vous sous peu.


Posted March 10, 2015
Budget Speak voting, Tom Brown Arena, February 10 2015