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Trillium Line Connectivity Review online now

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The LRT Connectivity Review for Trillium Line and Confederation Line East is on now.

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Here are the highlights for Gladstone and Carling Stations.


Gladstone Station 

Gladstone Station is a new station located on the north side of Gladstone Avenue. A single fare paid entrance will be centred upon the alignment with a new station plaza integrated with the existing Gladstone Avenue Bridge. The public plaza design will include a mixing zone at the east edge of the plaza near Gladstone Avenue to promote the mixing of pedestrians and cyclists utilizing the north-south Multi-Use Pathway in a controlled manner. In addition, there will landscaping and urban design elements between the eastern edge of the plaza and the rest of the plaza to prevent the uncontrolled mixing of pedestrian and cyclists.

Connectivity Summary 


Connectivity Overview – Getting to Gladstone station



A. Provide pedestrian and cyclist activated crosswalk/crossride at multi-use pathway crossing at Gladstone Avenue.

B. Station plaza with 20 bike parking spaces.

C. Provide bus shelters on Gladstone Avenue.

D. Entrance on north side of Gladstone Avenue.

Proposed Enhancements 

E. Double bike parking to 40 spaces

Future Enhancements: 

F. Add cycling facility along Gladstone (Transportation Master Plan)

G. Add multi-use pathway along west side of alignment (Gladstone Secondary Plan)

Carling Station 

Carling Station is an existing station located north of Carling Avenue served by an entrance from the adjacent separated-use pathway to the east of the alignment. A new elevator will be constructed to provide redundancy in serving the station entrance and platform. In addition to the new elevator, the existing elevator will be refurbished.

Connectivity Overview 


Connectivity Overview – Getting to Carling station



A. On street westbound bus westbound bus stop and shelter and accessible route to station fare gates

Proposed Enhancements

B. Increase bike parking to 20 spaces.

Future Enhancements: 

C. Add bike and transit lanes along Carling (project scheduled for May 2020)

Posted May 13, 2020