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Thank you, Ottawa

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It's Friday afternoon and a little over 48 hours after I had a heart attack on Wednesday, I'm back home and feeling well. I've seen all your messages on social media and the outpouring of support for Natalie and I has been overwhelming. I cannot properly or adequately express my gratitude to you. And, of course, I can never thank enough the work that was done by Dr. So and all the healthcare professionals at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the Ottawa Paramedic Service. The care and support I've received in the last 48 hours makes me incredibly proud and grateful to live in this city, with such a world-class institution as the Heart Institute providing care.

I've gotten off very lucky. This was not a big attack and there's no real long-term damage to my heart, and I'll be able to make a quick recovery. I've been told to be off work for the next two weeks, and I'll respect that, playing my return to a more active schedule by ear. I am more tired after just visiting the pharmacy than I would have thought. My staff - Emma, Fiona, Lisa and Tom - will be working independently during this time, and I'm thankful to my colleague and friend Catherine McKenney who is making herself available to them for advice and guidance, as well as so many other of my colleagues who have offered help. The support we've gotten from City staff, senior management, Council and our provincial and federal representatives has been amazing.

Natalie won't quite take my phone away from me, but I'll be limiting time spent on social media for the next while. If you're not already, please follow my team on Twitter @kitchissippiott for important ward updates and information.

Though my recovery should be relatively quick, it won't be sustainable without some lifestyle changes. Ottawa Public Health visited me in hospital to chat with me about that journey, and you can see a quick video here.

I'm thankful to Mayor Watson who visited me today and who chose to bring flowers instead of the Official Plan report that I'd suggested! I've accepted that it's time for a break, and I'll look forward to getting back to work in a few weeks.

Again, thank you, Ottawa. You rock.


Posted February 15, 2019