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Service line warranties mail

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Good morning, Kitchissippi.

I received a couple of notes yesterday about a mailing that residents began receiving from a company called Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC). The mailing has an image of the City's logo and folks are asking if it's legit.

With many thanks to our City Manager who responded to my later-night texts, I've ascertained that, yes, it's legit. I missed a memo last week.

The program is voluntary and optional to sign up with this private company to cover repair costs for the private portion of the water and sewer services coming in to your home. Residents are likely aware that the portion of the sewer and water lines on City property are the City's to maintain, but residents are entirely responsible for the portion of those that are on their own property.

The SLWC is not a City program, but they've struck an affiliation agreement with multiple municipalities across the province that I understand sees some of the revenue from sign-ups flow into City coffers. It's not mandatory to participate, and residents can choose or not to research whether it's something they feel they need.

Residents should start seeing communications from the City describing the program in greater detail and pointing to the explanatory material here. Thanks to those residents who raised this with me; now I've read the memo.

Posted February 23, 2021