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Round 2: Harmer/Wellington intersection analysis

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Recently, I posted the results from the first effort I and Kevin O'Donnell made to analyze traffic at the Island Park/Byron intersection. I'm trying to find some time to write that up for staff, and ask for their analysis of the need for, among other solutions, bollards to prevent curb-hopping, advance left or other signal tweaks, and red-light cameras. I'm also looking at finding some time to go out and do a PM peak filming.

In the meantime, I've filmed the corner of Harmer and Wellington, an intersection where I've seen assertions of people inappropriately zooming around buses, and I observed several instances of crosswalk blocking and pressure on pedestrians. Kevin has made a number of improvements. My favourite is the ability to use keyboard keys to enter counts in real time: it makes counting a lot easier.

Take some time, if you can, to help us analyze this intersection! It's even easier than before. Visit here to get started!

Posted December 1, 2015