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Roosevelt pedestrian bridge removal footage and bus detour

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I want to thank Christo Kutrovsky, a crane fan, who captured some great footage of the Roosevelt pedestrian/cyling bridge yesterday.

It was fun to see and chat with residents at the site and I'd like to recognize that while the ward was seized with discussion of detouring the buses through this corridor a few years ago, we've also welcomed many new residents who may not be fully aware of plans for LRT construction in this area.

Below, I've attached a copy of the 2017 PowerPoint presentation that is still largely relevant that describes at a high level the plans. Essentially, when the Transitway is being converted to rail the buses will be detoured onto Scott Street. A new extension of Scott for buses only will be extended from Churchill (which will be newly and permanently signalized). That buses-only road will cross the trench roughly where the now-removed pedestrian bridge was, and snake between Workman and the trench to emerge at the Parkway. I expect to see the work on that temporary road and Bailey bridge begin in the next few weeks.

That detour will be in place through the course of LRT construction until the end of 2023 when the LRT opens, and then the temporary road will be removed, the area will be re-landscaped, and a new pedestrian/cycling bridge will be put back.

We know that some relatively dense and significant construction will likely be approved for the adjacent Fendor site. No matter what finally gets approved here, it's possible that construction on the site may be concurrent to the LRT detour. At all times, I'm assured that the east-west pedestrian cycling connectivity will be maintained.

Posted June 20, 2021