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Reid Park Updates!

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We are pleased to report that work is getting underway for the re-development of Reid Park! We have two updates from the Senior Project Manager that we wanted to pass along. Whether you participated in the consultation sessions or are a park user, these notices are important to note:

1. Staff are moving along with the design development for the re-development project.  Part of this design process involves field work to determine environmental conditions in the park.  Staff have retained environmental consultants to undertake borehole drilling and soil assessment, well monitoring and groundwater sampling over a 3-week period beginning in mid-April.   Staff expect to have preliminary results by mid-May, which will determine the level of risk and any potential remediation/mitigation that may be required as part of the design and park redevelopment.

2. There is an unofficial garden located in the former works yard located in the upper, fenced portion of Reid Park.  This gardening activity has been ongoing for a number of years without sanction from the City - i.e. not approved or registered with the Community Garden Network. Given that a preliminary environmental site assessment has indentified a potential contamination risk in the soils in this area of the park, gardening can’t continue until further environmental assessment (soils sampling and analysis) is completed, risks identified and any remediation or mitigation measures are undertaken as part of the park redevelopment, if required.  

Staff will post bilingual signage on the fence / gate to this area in the park, with the following message:

“The use of municipal property for community gardening purposes requires prior approval from the City of Ottawa and registration with the Community Garden Network. Any further use of this property for community gardening is strictly prohibited until such time as these requirements have been met and until soil conditions and garden design have been deemed appropriate by the City”.

These signs will go up as soon as possible and in advance of the environmental field work due to start in the park a couple of weeks.   The existing lock on the gate will be changed to ensure there is no unauthorised access to the former works yard this spring.

If you have any questions on either of these items, please either contact our office or Staff directly:

Paul Landry with Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department  613-580-2424 ex. 24392


Posted April 8, 2016