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More Bayview MUP changes

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We now have some visibility into how the MUPs and construction will work until August 2017. To help explain the changes, I've made a short video that animates some of the changes. Briefly, there are several changes and dates to keep in mind:

  • PHASE 1 (now till mid-May): Until mid-May (date to be determined), the current pattern continues
  • PHASE 2 (mid-May to sometime in June): In mid-May through June, the short path that connects from the O-Train level to the upper level will be closed. To get from the O-Train crossing to the Albert MUP, cyclists and pedestrians can cross the now-closed Transitway, onto a new path that runs north of the Transitway, then back down to the Albert MUP. It's a fairly short detour.
  • PHASE 3 (June to sometime in August): From some point in June through August, the configuration will return to the current one.
  • PHASE 4 (sometime in August to August 2017): Then, from some point in August to August 2017, there will be a major change as the route goes back to the one that was in place for a few weeks when the northern path was open, but the Tom Brown path was not. Cyclists and pedestrians seeking to avoid the sidewalk will need to use the path that runs along the north side of the Transitway, then jog south into the station area.

I've put together a quick video to try to show the changes. Check it out. As we get harder dates, I'll pass those on.



Posted May 5, 2016