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Let's speed up investments in cycling infrastructure

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This week, I was very pleased to co-sign a request to the City that it prioritize funding for its Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure plan as we apply for fuding to the new Green Infrastructure Fund. The letter is copied below. Councillor McKenney got some great press around the letter in the Ottawa Citizen - read the full story here.


Dear Deputy City Manager John Moser,  

We would like to recommend that the City prioritize funding for the Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure Plans in its submission for funding to the Green Infrastructure Fund, thus allowing for their full and cost-effective implementation within the next four years.

Under the City’s current Transportation Master Plan, $70 million has been ear-marked to finance the Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure Plans over a 15 year period ending in 2031.  Obtaining federal funding for these plans would allow the City to reduce its own spending while expediting the implementation of the planned projects.   These projects merit prioritization not only for the safety, vibrancy, and job opportunities they will bring to the City’s communities — investing in pedestrian and cycling infrastructure is also conducive to building a greener, more sustainable, healthier and more liveable Ottawa for all residents to enjoy.   

As you know, both the Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure Plans are planned  and ready for implementation. They will bring tangible benefits to residents living throughout the city of Ottawa, in every ward and in every community. We therefore urge you to prioritize the Pedestrian and Cycling Infrastructure Plans when requesting federal infrastructure funding.


Mathieu Fleury, Councillor, Ward 12 - Rideau-Vanier

Jeff Leiper, Councillor, Ward 15 - Kitchissippi

Catherine McKenney, Councillor, Ward 14 - Somerset

Tobi Nussbaum, Councillor, Ward 13 - Rideau-Rockliffe

Posted March 25, 2016