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Latest update on LRT service

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Hi Kitchissippi. The LRT, as you've no doubt read, is still not operational. Below, I've copied the memo we received from OC Transpo this hour.

This morning, I went to Orleans to ride the R1 back to City Hall and it was extremely challenging. The trip took just under two hours (you can read my live account of it on Twitter here). Those of us in the west end at least still have train service on a five-minute schedule, but I've heard from those who need to travel beyond UOttawa and it was just as challenging for them.

For tomorrow's service, as outlined below, there will be more R1 buses added to deal with the high volumes. R1 buses are accomplished by pulling other buses from normal service; more buses added to R1 means more buses need to be pulled from other routes. Some trips on some routes may be cancelled. Today, the main routes serving Kitchissippi were largely unaffected but before heading out tomorrow, be aware that some trips may be cancelled and you should check OC Transpo to see if a trip you're counting on is one of those.

Good afternoon Mayor and Members of Council, 

Below is an update on today's transit service, what customers can expect tomorrow, and progress being made to safely restore Line 1 service.  

I would like to thank our customers for their continued patience as the teams work as quickly as possible to safely restore full Line 1 service. 

Today’s morning service:  

During the peak morning hours, R1 replacement bus service operated at 5 to15 minute intervals, based on demand and traffic volumes. Passenger demand increased after 7 am and crowding was seen at some stations, particularly Hurdman Station. Our Transit Operations Control Centre made service adjustments in real-time to deploy additional R1 service.  

Today’s afternoon service:  

This afternoon, O-Train Line 1 service will continue to operate between Tunney’s Pasture to uOttawa in the west and Tremblay and Blair in the east. Train frequency will be approximately every 5 minutes.   

R1 bus service will continue to operate between Blair and Rideau stations, skipping Cyrville Station. Attached is a service map that can be shared with your residents.  

For the afternoon commute, increased R1 replacement bus service will be added to support passenger volumes. We know the morning commute was difficult for some of our customers and we are making every effort to deliver the best service possible.  

Tomorrow’s service  

Customers can expect that Line 1 service and R1 service will be the same on Tuesday, January 10. 

Our team is meeting regularly and applying lessons learned from the ongoing service delivery and adjusting where possible. Increased R1 replacement bus service will be added to the morning service to support customer volumes. 

RTM Progress:  

Yesterday, repairs were completed on Track 1. The focus today is on Track 2. RTM is completing the following key steps:  

1.    Track inspections continue. Once complete, our engineering team and outside experts will conduct an independent review.  

2.    Repairs to the short section of the overhead catenary system (OCS) that was damaged are underway. Once complete, a system-wide check will be conducted. Our OCS experts are also meeting to understand the root cause. 

3.    The two immobilized trains will be removed from Track 2, this will likely occur tomorrow morning.   

I will provide you with an update tomorrow once the inspections and OCS repairs are complete.  

Posted January 9, 2023