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Help on a hot Race Weekend!

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Good afternoon, Kitchissippi! 

As I think most everyone knows, the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is this weekend, and it's forecast to be a hot one! If the heat goes up to what they're expecting, it could be uncomfortable for some of the participants. The race organizers have asked us to pass on the message below asking for your help with sprinklers and hoses to cool runners and walkers as they pass.

In past, I've seen many residents do exactly this during the Hintonburg 5k. If you can get a hose to the street, set it to mist, and either run a cooling mist over part of the roadway (giving those who would prefer not to run through it a dry alternative), or ask runners if they'd like a soak as they approach. On Wellington/Richmond, businesses can help out if they can get a hose on the front of the building. On Fairmont, it should be relatively easy to set up a sprinkler.

Here's the note. Hope you can help out!


Dear residents:

Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend takes place Saturday and Sunday in Ottawa-Gatineau, bringing thousands of runners from the area and out of town through your neighbourhood.

With high temperatures forecast for the weekend, we are asking you to help keep runners cool by turning on your sprinklers and hoses and dousing them as they run by your home. Many are running for charitable causes, so you'll be helping them in more than one way.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation -- for helping the runners, and for your patience with the usual road closures in your neighbourhood.
Chers résidents:
La Fin de semaine des courses Tamarack d’Ottawa aura lieu ce weekend amenant des milliers de coureurs dans votre quartier samedi et dimanche. 
On prévoit des températures élevées pour le week-end. Nous vous demandons donc de nous aider à rafraîchir les coureurs en allumant vos arroseurs et en les aspergeant avec vos boyaux. Plusieurs d’entre utilise la course afin de lever des fonds pour des oeuvres caritatives locales - votre aide sera d’autant plus appréciée. 
Nous vous remercions d'avance pour votre coopération - pour votre aide avec les coureurs, et pour votre patience en ce qui a trait aux fermetures de rues dans votre quartier.
Posted May 26, 2016