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Heart Institute construction update

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On Wednesday, University of Ottawa Heart Institute staff and contractors presented an update on construction progress. The top line is that construction is on schedule. Major excavation should begin in late September or early October. Given our early experience with empty idling trucks and gravel on the roads associated with the Tamarack build on Rosemount, I asked Institute to ensure that 1. streets are kept swept and, 2. that they work with the truck dispatchers on timing the truck arrivals so they don't sit empty and idling nearby to the site.

The expansion website is at, and they always invite feedback at You can find their presentations from Wednesday night at the web site under "construction updates".

Just because I find it fascinating, the picture is of a filtration system being used during the construction. Water that's pumped from the site flows through the red holding tank, is filtered in the two silo-like structures, then moves into the blue holding tank at right before being discharged into the storm sewers. Neat.

Posted June 19, 2015