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Hazardous waste pickup - logistics changes

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Just a head's up for everyone, there will be an upcoming household hazardous waste depot coming up September 20th at Tunney's Pasture. In response to a very reasonable noise complaint I got after the last one - the loudest part of set-up and take-down is directly adjacent to Northwestern neighbours - I asked for some re-jigging before providing my concurrence for the September one. Much of the activity is now being re-located to the other side of Sir Fredrick Banting, a couple of hundred metres further away from houses and with trees and a small berm acting as a buffer. Staff tell me this will also allow an extra lane of unloading capacity - with a very significant improvement in wait times. So, win-win. I hope this will mitigate the noise concern. If it doesn't, as always, we'll adjust. Stay tuned to the City's channels and mine for full details about the depot itself.

Posted August 21, 2015