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Granite Curling Club Redevelopment - Community Meeting, October 30 from 7:00-9:00pm

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From Morley Hoppner & Colonade Bridgeport:

"The Granite Curling Club is looking to secure their long-term future with the building of their new curling rink. In doing so, a new vision for a healthier, more connected and better programmed Lion's Park is being proposed along with the new facility. Morley Hoppner and Bridgeport Colonnade have developed a master plan concept that provides three supportive and interconnected objectives; repositioning of the new Curling Club, the proposed realignment of Lion's Park along with new community features, and a new transit oriented residential development.

While envisioning the Granite Curling Club redevelopment, key elements and variables were carefully considered in developing this exciting proposal. Attention to urban context, built form, pedestrian connectivity and the retention of the Curling Club have been the foundational elements in transforming this site into a unique community asset. The end result depicted in their proposal will show a vision that considers the evolution of the Granite Curling Club in its larger urban context and speaks to collaboration, connectivity and growth within the community."

Our office, alongside the Granite Curling Club and Morley Hoppner and Bridgeport, will be hosting a public meeting on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 from 7:00-9:00pm at the Granite Curling Club (2020 Scott St) to the details of the club's redevelopment plans with the community. City staff in Planning and Parks and Recreation will also be available to field questions during the meeting. 

Please note that at this time no formal development applications have been filed. This public meeting will be the first opportunity for the community to review details of the proposal and provide initial feedback. When a formal application is filed, a sign will go on the property and a lead planner at the City of Ottawa will be assigned. At this time, formal feedback will be further solicited to be evaluated by the lead planner. Since no formal application has been filed yet, please consider submitting feedback to our office via and / or

Thank you.  

Posted October 22, 2019