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Federal election survey

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Dear candidate for Ottawa-Centre,

First, thank you for putting your name forward to represent the residents of Kitchissippi ward as our Member of Parliament. Federal election campaigns are an exciting time as we debate the big issues, but sometimes very local concerns get lost in the headlines. I’ve reached out to the residents of our ward asking what questions they’d like posed related specifically to our neighbourhoods, and, on their behalf, would be grateful if you could reply to the questions below by October 10 (by email, I’ll publish the replies that I’ve received verbatim (with light editing for obvious typos, etc.) at on October 11 at mid-day.

  1. Traffic congestion in Kitchissippi is becoming untenable, and the resulting cut-through traffic as drivers seek to bypass it is hurting quality of life in our ward. Putting the Prince of Wales bridge into service for transit, cycling and walking is an important part of the solution. How will you work to achieve that?
  2. On a related note, the setting and enforcement of traffic laws on Island Park Drive is a federal responsibility, as is safe design such as bike lanes and traffic calming. How will you work if elected to calm and slow Island Park Drive traffic, and to ensure the safety of all users of this road with funded measures?
  3. Tunney’s Pasture and 250 Lanark will be re-developed at some point into mixed-use communities. How will you work to ensure that these prime parcels are re-developed with affordable housing, recreation facilities and green space in ways that are environmentally sustainable, and with full continued consultation with the community?
  4. Will you work with the NCC and Government to stop development plans at Rochester Field?
  5. The Sir John A. Macdonald parkway path has, thanks to the efforts of the SJAM Winter Trail group, become an important four-season recreational opportunity. Will you work with the City and NCC to contribute financially to its sustainability?
  6. The decision by the NCC to allow the Ottawa Hospital to locate in the eastern portion of the Experimental Farm implies significant traffic impacts on local residents. How will you work to mitigate those including with funding, and to ensure that the Confederation Line 2 is funded to connect to the Carling station to ensure staff and visitors use public transit as much as possible?
  7. Do you support changes in federal policies that would remove the requirement for child-care centres on federally-owned lands such as Tunney’s Pasture to pay market rent?
  8. Initiatives such as the Ottawa River Action Plan and CSST will help significantly reduce the number of days that Westboro Beach is closed each season. What other actions can the federal government take to keep our river clean?
  9. Kitchissippi is a rapidly changing and gentrifying ward. I and others will be watching the election for policies on child care, transit, poverty reduction, housing, food security and climate change in order to build an inclusive, healthy, sustainable community. Is there anything you'd tell Kitchissippi voters specifically about how you'll help achieve progress in these areas?

This is the first time to the best of my knowledge that the candidates for all four major parties in the election will be women. That's exciting, and I thank you again for putting your name forward. Thanks in advance for your replies.

Posted September 13, 2019