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Cycling detour in effect January 6

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Attention Kitchissippi cyclists! Some major work is getting underway to ready Ottawa for its river cleanup plan and light rail. Starting January 6, construction will begin on a new combined sanitary/storm sewer (Combined Sewer and Storage Tunnel - CSST), as well as the Booth Street LRT bridge. The work requires that the multi-use path on the north side of Albert between Preston and Commissioner be closed, along with the northernmost lane of traffic. A couple of weeks later, on January 26, the two northernmost lanes, along with the MUP, will be closed, leaving just one lane in each direction.

The MUP is expected to be restored by August 2015 when construction is scheduled to be switched to the south side of Albert Street.

Cyclists have a couple of options. A new MUP is now open along the Preston Street extension that will provide a detour that adds an incremental few hundred metres to the trip, with signage to clearly indicate the route. The new Preston MUP is larger than standard (3.5m!), and those wishing to may use the broad sidewalks along the SJAM and Fleet. Take a look at the route below. Alternatively, cyclists can continue to take Albert, with prominent signage indicating that there is no passing of cyclists allowed. Signs will also indicate that the speed limit will be reduced to 40 km/h.

Somerset councillor Catherine McKenney and I will be closely monitoring the detour to see what needs improvement. Drop us a line any time to express your suggestions and concerns at or

Posted December 22, 2014