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Councillor McKenney poses question to staff: what's a tree worth?

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At Environment Committee this week, I was very pleased to see an inquiry made of staff by my colleague Catherine McKenney in the wake of the removal of several mature trees on Gilmour that generated headlines. Her inquiry should be answered on the record by late next month. I'm looking forward to seeing the reply. As I type this, a silver maple at an infill site in Champlain Park is being taken down after being damaged by the developer last year. I'm discouraged today that progress on preserving our mature tree canopy is moving anywhere near quickly enough.



Deputy City Manager, City Operations /

Directrice municipale adjointe, Opérations municipales


What are the best practices for plans to replace trees when there is an application for removal of a city owned and/or privately owned mature tree – or damage due to construction?

How does the department determine the economic value of a mature tree and how can this be included in the cost of a permit?

Does the city have mapping for low tree density and, if so, how would this affect the plan for replacement and the replacement value?



Posted May 19, 2016