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Core roads/sidewalks update from staff

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Here's the core roads update from staff sent earlier this morning.


We currently have 8 to 10 cm down across the Core Area and are experiencing high wind gusts. We are expecting an additional 10 to 12 cm of snow throughout the day and ending later this evening. The high winds will also continue throughout the day.
Road and sidewalk conditions are snow covered.  We are currently plowing all of our priority roads with all available equipment.  Residents can expect some lanes to be cleared and others to be completely covered.  There will also be large windrows of snow on the road across intersections and crosswalks. Our day shift will continue to plow the priority network.
Priority sidewalks have been opened up at least once over night over night. Our day shift will continue going over all priority and residential sidewalk beats again to clear them and apply salt and or abrasives.
Some sections of priority sidewalks and intersections will be partially snow covered from the roadway plows.  These will be opened up as the sidewalk machines go through their beats today.
We will begin plowing residential streets later today once the priority road network has been cleaned up.  The cleanup of all streets, sidewalks, bus stops, corners, activate signals and dead ends will continue all day and into the night.
Day shift staff will be staying until 7 pm and night shift staff will come in for 7 pm to continue the clean up over night.

Posted December 29, 2015