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Construction progress on Scott Street

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Construction on Scott Street to accommodate the detour of buses during LRT conversion is proceeding more quickly than anticipated. Work on the Bayview to Carruthers section could be done as early as today (new catchbasins, curbs and repaving).

When that work is done, work will shift to the portion of Scott between Holland and Carruthers. Again, the north curbside catchbasins will be installed along with concrete curbs, and the outside lane rapaved. At the same time, the multi-use pathway (MUP) will be realigned to provide a curve in the path as it approaches both Carruthers and Hinchey according to pathway standards. During construction, the MUP will be realigned around the construction to stay open.

Also set to start as early as mid-August is the south side MUP that will travel between Bayview and the O-Train corridor (passing between the bridge escarpment and Tom Brown arena).

Finally, also set to start in mid- to late-August is a relocation of the O-Train platform at Bayview. It's shifting by 20 metres south.

While I continue to oppose the detour of all the buses to Scott, I do want to thank the contractors on the widening project. The work site has been kept very tidy, and I was suprised during my post-vacation walkabout of the site to see how clean the bushes and landscaping were of litter. Every little bit helps, and it's clear the crews are working as conscientiously as they can.

Posted August 11, 2015