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Civic Hospital emergency drop-off expansion

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Residents and I are starting to get more information about the new temporary emergency patient drop-off expansion at the Civic Hospital campus, and what that will mean for nearby residents. My thanks go especially to Karen Wright at the Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association who has been very active to keep the lines of communication open with immediate neighbours and hospital management. Below, we've been provided with a .pdf containing renderings of the structure.

Construction is already underway, and expected to last 8-9 weeks. It will be built on slab, so there is not expected to be any blasting and minimal impact to greenery. While the Provincial emergency orders provide for 24/7 construction noise, Hospital staff indicate that construction will occur mostly between 7 am - 10 pm, and both the community association and I have emphasized that any construction outside those hours must be clearly communicated to residents and us.

The construction has meant the loss of a reasonably significant number of staff parking spots. Hospital management are working through how to replace that capacity, and I'm sure I'll continue to have further discussions on that this week.

If you have additional questions about neighbourhood impact, feel free to drop me a line, and I'd encourage Civic residents to engage with their community association as well.

Posted October 31, 2020