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Carruthers sewer work noise exemption - February 2-6

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Residents on Carruthers between Wellington West and roughly Ladouceur may hear some low construction noise past 10 pm as a result of sewer work between February 2 and 6.

As part of its regular maintenance, the City is lining the sewers. The process is to snake a sock-like lining through the pipe, then blow it up with air. This lining molds to the inside of the pipe, and is dried to harden.

Hardening the liner uses forced hot air, which means running some machinery at one end of the work. Once started, it can’t be stopped or the work is ruined. There is a chance, depending on temperature, that the drying process will extend past 10 pm, even as late as midnight or 1 am.

I’ve authorized a noise exemption to permit the work. The alternative is to rip the streets up, which would take significantly more time and be much more disruptive. I’m assured the sound will be minimal, and the plan is to position the compressor as far south as possible away from the houses. It’s better to do the work now while windows are generally closed, and is a reasonable chance that the exemption won’t be needed at all.

The noise permit specifies that the only allowable source of noise is that directly associated with this work – generator, truck, steam truck and small equipment and tools.

The City is distributing notices to all affected residents ahead of the work. If you have any questions, of course don’t hesitate to contact me: or 613.580.2485.

Posted January 14, 2015
North view of Carruthers Avenue at Wellington Street West showing the street maintenance taking place.
Alert for residents on Carruthers between Wellington West and approximately Ladouceur.