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Blasting and path detour near Gladstone Station

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Beginning within the next week or so, crews will be preparing to and then commencing blasting for the new Gladstone station at the corner of the O-Train and Gladstone Avenue. The blasting is to widen the corridor from the 417 overpass north in order to build the station, and will last for a couple of months. In between blasts (roughly 4-8 per day), there would be hoe-ramming to excavate the cracked material. This activity will be done during the day, beginning after 7 am and no later than 4 pm. I've attached the broader public notice and information about blasting below as .pdfs. The excavation will result in roughly a couple of hundred dump trucks over the course of the project that we can expect to see on Gladstone.

I and Councillor McKenney expect to see sometime in the next few weeks a final plan for the trench-widening south of the 417, which will likely begin in the fall.

As part of the Gladstone Station detour, fencing will soon be going up on the east side of the tracks that will impact the multi-use path there. A paved temporary 5m pathway will be installed as a bypass, and the current path won't be closed until that's in place. Click the inset picture to embiggen it. While the diagrams show a sharp 90 degree angle, those will actually be much smoother curves to accommodate cyclists.

Posted May 15, 2020