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Azure building applies for re-zoning (Churchill/Scott)

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Following a well-attended pre-application open house last summer, the developer at Churchill/Scott has moved ahead with an application for a 23-storey mixed-use building with 241 residential units. It's a tight fit and I'm not convinced the lot has the breathing room to accomodate such a dense development. Some modifications were made to try to provide a better transition, but the building is still very close to the lot line. I am concerned that while many of the tall buildings in our neighbourhood are being approved as narrower towers, this proposal is much more of a slab. The parking ratio (proposed at 146 spaces) is at least more in line than some recent proposals with its transit context.

We'll schedule another open house to look at the proposal soon, but in the meantime the full details are available here.

Posted October 30, 2019