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Ashcroft visitor parking application

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We have received word that Ashcroft has applied for a re-zoning to allow 11 surface parking spots at its convent site, 114 Richmond Rd.

This is the latest step in an ongoing discussion with Ashcroft and with residents of the building there about the lack of visitor parking onsite. While the details are not yet online, I can provide some colour on the issue.

Ashcroft’s site plan for the first phase required that they provide some visitor parking. It’s been asserted to me that those spots were subsequently sold to residents. Our office has been pursuing by-law enforcement since last summer, and Ashcroft had been issued a Notice of Violation for not meeting their visitor parking requirements. This application, however, stops the clock on that action.

I am seeking some details about the application. We are still at the “head’s-up” stage, but I’m given to understand that this is not the typical three-year temporary zoning exception we normally see in these instances, but a zoning amendment. We’ll have to wait for the application to be put on line to get those details.

I have stressed to planning staff in past that extending a zoning exception to add more parking essentially rewards bad behaviour. Had Ashcroft provided the spots to which it committed, we would not be in this situation. I will be opposing this application: it is up to Ashcroft to make the lack of visitor parking right with the residents of its buildings. Allowing this amendment will simply create a moral hazard. It is not acceptable to me that a builder can ignore their obligations then expect that the City will make it right for them.

Stay tuned to the usual channels where I’ll post the opening of the comment period.

Posted January 27, 2019