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Armstrong study terms of reference

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In late spring this year, Council passed a new zoning by-law that protects existing and creates new "local commercial" zoning, something I've been looking at since the beginning of the year ( 

There was a flurry of activity around its passage as we sought a balance between creating new spaces for small scale businesses like corner stores, pizza joints, cafes and small retailers, and the preservation of community quality of life. Working with staff and community associations, I think we achieved that, but one there was one outstanding area of concern - Armstrong Street. 

Rather than force a confrontation between the City and residents, I was able to convince colleagues to pass the City proposal, but subject to further study by the community itself, led by the Hintonburg Community Association and the Wellington West BIA. It's a bit out-of-the-box and I'm grateful to my colleagues for giving me some leash, and to City staff for their buy-in.

Just by way of update, the BIA and HCA, along with some community volunteers, have been working diligently this summer to keep the momentum going. I'm in receipt of a draft Terms of Reference document from the partners that outlines the study aims to my satisfaction, and describes a process to be taken over the next nine months or so of research and consultation, leading up to a final proposed plan for the area.

What I'd like to share today are the study's aims, which have my full support. I'm pleased with progress so far, and am looking forward to sharing more details in the very near future on the process ahead.

The study area generally stretches along Armstrong St. from Bayview Ave. to the east and Parkdale Ave. to the west, including all properties abutting Armstrong Street. The study area also includes all properties to the south of Armstrong that front on streets intersecting Armstrong. It also includes properties abutting both sides of Grant St. from Parkdale Ave. to McCormick St.

Armstrong Street is located within the community of Hintonburg in the commercial neighbourhood of Wellington West, Ottawa. The street runs approximately 1.13km East and West – in parallel with Wellington Street West. Currently the street is a mix of primarily residential (R4) with minor commercial (-c). The City of Ottawa has placed a hold zone for 12 months (–h) on study area development until such a time that an areas specific study can be completed, or if an area specific study can be demonstrated as unnecessary for development. 

The Armstrong study will explore zoning and transportation solutions for the future growth of Armstrong Street. The Study should generally address the appropriateness of the zoning within the study area, including the additional commercial uses proposed in the Local Commercial Zoning Study, and recommend optimal zoning for the area.  The study should examine the use of Armstrong St. as a designated cycling route and as a pedestrian route, particularly as it relates to Wellington St. West. This should also include addressing improvements to the streetscape.


  1. Carrying out an assessment of current conditions
  2. Determining the appropriate range and mix of commercial and residential
  3. Determining the appropriate heights and massing for buildings
  4. Examining how to facilitate the development of this area as an “incubator” for new businesses that complement the more established businesses on Wellington St. West
  5. Determining how to encourage development on empty lots and parking lots.
  6. Examine whether zoning is appropriate on “through lots” that abut Armstrong St. and Wellington St. West, particularly with respect to the prohibition of commercial uses adjacent to Armstrong St.
  7. Recommend measures to facilitate and improve the use of Armstrong St. as an active cycling and pedestrian route, and to improve the streetscape.
Posted August 21, 2015