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Armstrong Street Study Public Consultation

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We are pleased to invite you to the Armstrong Street Study Public Consultation open house. You may recall we’ve been discussing this study for a few months now, and we are now ready for some constructive community feedback to integrate into the additional work being done by the study’s facilitators.

What is the Armstrong Street Study?

The study area stretches along Armstrong St. from Bayview Ave. to the east and Parkdale Ave. to the west, including all properties abutting Armstrong Street. The study area also includes all properties to the south of Armstrong that front on streets intersecting Armstrong. It also includes properties abutting both sides of Grant St. from Parkdale Ave. to McCormick St.

Armstrong Street is located within the community of Hintonburg in the commercial neighbourhood of Wellington West, Ottawa. The street runs approximately 1.13km East and West – in parallel with Wellington Street West. Currently the street is a mix of primarily residential (R4) with minor commercial (-c). The City of Ottawa has placed a hold zone for 12 months (–h) on study area development until such a time that an areas specific study can be completed, or if an area specific study can be demonstrated as unnecessary for development. 

The Armstrong study will explore zoning and transportation solutions for the future growth of Armstrong Street. The Study should generally address the appropriateness of the zoning within the study area, including the additional commercial uses proposed in the Local Commercial Zoning Study, and recommend optimal zoning for the area.  The study should examine the use of Armstrong St. as a designated cycling route and as a pedestrian route, particularly as it relates to Wellington St. West. This should also include addressing improvements to the streetscape.

Public Consultation Open House

When: Tuesday, November 10th, 2015. 4:30pm-7:00pm
Where: Hintonburg Community Centre, Wellington Room
Organizers: Atelier, with logistical support from WWBIA

Format: Community members such as yourself are invited to drop in throughout the evening. As you arrive, participants will go through three different stations. The stations will all be interactive and feature rich visuals facilitate a discussion with our facilitators, the Atelier team.

The first station will explain the proposed small-c commercial zoning and its development implications. It will attempt to make the complicated zoning more accessible. An Atelier facilitator will be there to welcome and guide participants, as well as to answer questions.

The second station will feature a photomontage of the entire length of Armstrong Street and a map of the area. An Atelier facilitator will invite participants to use colourful post-its and pens to indicate what they like about the street and the types of uses and housing they would like to see.

The third station will present three development scenarios. Participants will be asked to comment on the following scenarios:

  1. New residential developments // no new commercial uses
  2. New residential developments // some neighbourhood small-scale commercial uses
  3. New residential developments // commercial development along the entire length of Armstrong

You will be informed of the next steps in the process at the end of the consultation stations. In addition, you are invited to share comments and complete a quick exit survey. 

We hope to see you there!

As always, e-mail us with any questions, comments or concerns.


Posted November 2, 2015
Armstrong Street Study