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Additional Farm shadow study

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Earlier this month, I wrote my analysis of the application for two towers at the corner of Parkdale and Carling with an explanation of why I'm likely to support that. If you haven't already, you can read that here.

Last week, I received the results of some additional study I'd asked the Farm to do with respect to the effect that reducing the tower heights would have on their research fields. I've appended that document below.

I've taken a couple of days to read and then grapple with the numbers. Having done some further analysis, I have to conclude that the choice in front of Council is clear: either we will approve a development that will have an impact on research activities at the farm, or we won't. Reducing the tower heights to 16 storeys or even nine will make little difference in the context of introducing a variable into some of the Farm's experiments that will make further research of the same type extremely challenging. I have to stand by the conclusions I reached in my earlier post.

To put the additional data in context, I've mapped it to two spots in the Farm to help understand Tables 1-5, pinning the northwest corner of the outline to the same spot as the researchers did.

First, I mapped a point in the field at the southeast border of the shadow where the soybean research is being conducted. As the graphic here shows, there is a point in that field that is roughly 450m west and 150m south of the shadow study's centre point.