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433 & 435 Churchill Ave, 468, 470 & 472 Byron Place Development - Zoning By-Law Amendment Application & Site Plan Control Resubmission

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For those following the progress of this development, you may be interested to know that the applicant as resubmitted an updated Site Plan Control in response to the initial round of feedback from both the community and the City. You can review the full documents on DevApps

After discussions with the City, the proposed development on 433-435 Churchill Avenue has undergone a number of changes. A list of the major changes is as follows:

• The total number of parking spaces provided have reduced from 63 to 45. The number of bicycle parking spaces has increased from 45 to 46.
• The massing of the building has been significantly reduced. The massing has generally reduced from 6 storeys across the site, to 4-storeys facing Highcroft Avenue.
o The building remains at 6-storeys facing Churchill Avenue North, and steps down to 5-storeys towards the middle of the building, and 4-storeys facing Highcroft Avenue, Byron Place, and the residential properties to the south.
o The “bump-out” abutting the residential property to the south on Highcroft Avenue is setback 2.4 m from the side lot line. The bump-out is 4-storeys, which conceals the fifth storey on this portion of the site. The fifth storey is setback about 9.3 m from the side lot line, a significant increase from the setback of 6 m for the six storeys proposed in the initial site plan application.
• The total number of units has decreased from 76 to 73 as a result of reducing the massing.
• The rooftop terrace has been relocated to the roof of the fifth storey

Please e-mail any feedback on the resubmission to and / or, as well as to the lead planner Andrew at

Thank you!

Posted May 27, 2020