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371 Richmond Road update: Domicile

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I’ve fielded a number of calls in the past months asking about the property at 371 Richmond Road, for which Domicile applied for a re-zoning to allow a 9-storey building.

That application is currently on pause while Domicile re-jigs the design. Community feedback and my own was strongly against some of the elements. In particular, I’m seeking much greater set-backs on the north side to stop the building from imposing a wall of condos on Madison residents.

The plan for the area contemplates a building the height that Domicile is seeking, but building heights are just one part of good design as outlined by the community design plan (CDP). There are multiple sections of the CDP that speak to appropriate transition and setbacks from adjacent low-rise areas – directions that I will be defending.

I’ve met with Domicile, and they’ve heard that feedback. They are in the midst of a significant re-design, and it will take a while to finish. There is no rush to bring new plans forward, and I’m confident that we’ll have lots of opportunities to provide our feedback.

I and my staff will make sure that you’re in the loop with respect to next steps. Right now, there’s not much to do but stand pat.

Posted July 10, 2015