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Office of Councillor Jeff Leiper
March 12, 2021
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Welcome to the Kitchissippi Ward newsletter!


Good afternoon, Kitchissippi.

I'll be taking some time off next week as a March break since neither Council nor any of the committees on which I sit will be meeting. Team Kitchissippi will be in the office to deal with correspondence, and please continue to call 3-1-1 for day-to-day issues.

Covid-19 updates

Find all the latest news about the pandemic, including special statements by Dr. Etches and other officials here.

I provided a mid-week update to which you can refer for the latest on vaccinations. My understanding is that there are somewhere around 6,000 people who are 90 years old or older who are currently eligible for vaccination, which began today. We're getting a little over 9,000 doses from the Province each week but it's always possible that we might get fewer or more. I don't want to anticipate the timing for the next cohort, but I'm encouraged that it won't be long before people age 85-89 will become eligible, and then 80-84.

The Provincial registration system is scheduled to open on Monday. Booking by phone has been suspended pending that system opening up and the City is asking residents not to call over the weekend but to wait until that system is up and running. You can always check your eligibility for a vaccination here.

Pop-up office hours March 24

I'll be hosting Zoom pop-up office hours on on March 24 from 2-4. Send me an email for the link to join us one-on-one with no appointment during those hours to chat about whatever's on your mind.

Committee of Adjustment March 17

There are just a couple of Kitchissippi applications before the Committee of Adjustment at its March 17 meeting. Find the details of those here.

  • At 42 Byron. the owner is seeking to sub-divide the property to establish separate ownerships for the existing semi-detached.

  • At 134 Forward the owner wants to demolish the existing dwelling and to subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land. It is proposed to construct two long semi-detached dwellings, with a secondary dwelling unit in each semi-detached dwelling, with one long semi-detached dwelling on each newly created parcel. They’re seeking variances for lot width and area. The hearing on February 21 was adjourned and will resume.

​I've also received the decisions from the March 3 meeting. At 549 Hilson and at 443/445 Dawson, the severances were approved for the semis under construction or completed. At 519 Dawson, the rear-yard setback variance was granted.

Last call: Petition for permanent vehicle restrictions on Byron

Last summer, I worked with the City to restrict through-traffic on Byron between Redwood and Golden. We received a petition asking for permanent measures, and I'm seeking your feedback. Please read more here. As per the post instructions, please include your postal code or Emma will have to write you back to ask for it!

Official Plan public session March 24

The City has scheduled a Q&A session on the new Official Plan on March 24 for which I'd encourage everyone to register here. There are many outstanding questions and the shape of what might actually be voted on in September is going to change I would imagine significantly in the next six months. I've now reading all the feedback provided by the community associations, and expect over the next several weeks that I'll have some key focus areas for changes that I'd seek.

I've provided some first feedback to the City that some residents may be interested in. It's technical, but rather than simply send it to them and leave it at that, I thought it might be helpful for those of you doing a deep dive into the draft to have on hand. You can find that here.

Can a doughnut save Ottawa?

Doughnut Economics, a concept originated by Kate Raworth, consists of two concentric rings: a social foundation to ensure that no one is missing out on life’s essentials, and an ecological ceiling ensuring we protect the Earth. These concentric rings form the doughnut – a space where humanity can thrive.  While drawn at a global scale, cities are downscaling the doughnut to meet their needs.

As Ottawa builds its next Official Plan, Doughnut Economics could lead the way to a thriving city that respects the wellbeing of its people and the planet. Ecology Ottawa and Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES) have partnered with many Ottawa organizations, City Councillors and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to host "Can a Doughnut Save Ottawa?" on Wednesday, March 31 from 12pm to 1:30pm. The online event will feature two keynote speakers, Andrew Fanning of Doughnut Economics Action Lab and Jennifer Johana Drouin of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition. I'm pleased to be a co-sponsor for the event.

RSVP here.

At City Hall

Transit Commission

On March 17, Transit Commission meets with a fairly meaty agenda including a Confederation Line and bus service update, the 2020 report from the regulatory officer, business plan reporting from 2020 and a look at advertising the Confederation Line. Find the full agenda here.

Today marks one year since Ottawa West Community Support's Friday luncheon program was together in person. OWCS is still celebrating today by bringing St. Patrick's Day treats to clients and holding an Irish concert over the phone! I love this photo posted by OWCS from a year ago and am getting encouraged that we'll soon be able to celebrate in-person again.


For more, visit our site at KitchissippiWard.ca.

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