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Office of Councillor Jeff Leiper
March 6, 2021
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Welcome to the Kitchissippi Ward newsletter!


Covid-19 updates

Find all the latest news about the pandemic, including special statements by Dr. Etches and other officials here.

I don't have a lot of updates this week about pandemic efforts. Most residents by now have seen or heard Dr. Etches' concern over rising case counts and particularly a concerning rise in the virus levels in the City's wastewater monitoring (the poop meter). That measure has reliably predicted case count spikes and it seems that we are headed into further restrictions if those numbers don't come down. Vaccination is picking up steam, but in the meantime it's still critical that we practice the measures that reliably bring case counts down: avoid close contact with anyone not in your household, wear masks, wash your hands. If you have any virus symptoms, get tested.

The Province has published an accelerated vaccination timeline and further clarity on priority groups such as those with eligible health conditions. I encourage everyone to take a look at that document here. The situation is evolving quickly and I don't expect that we will know precisely what this new guidance means for Ottawa for some time. One reassurance I would like to provide is that no one is going to miss their window. As new cohorts become eligible for vaccination, the City, the media, health care providers like the hospital and politicians will all ensure that the news is blanketed across Ottawa.

As many have read and I noted last week, seniors age 80+ who live in certain high-risk neighbourhoods are now becoming eligible to get their vaccination at community clinics that are beginning to open up. The next step in vaccination here will be to see more of those clinics open in higher-risk communities, serving even more 80+ residents. On March 15, it is expected that the Province will have a registration system online to handle appointments as vaccination is rolled out to broader groups of residents.

Please keep following the City, reputable media sources and my newsletter to stay abreast of how and when you'll be eligible. We don't know with certainty when you'll be eligible since everything depends on getting vaccine supplies. Those are accelerating, though. Clinics are opening and at some point we'll see supplies in pharmacies. I'm committed to ensuring you get accurate information as everything ramps up.

Pop-up office hours March 9

I'll be hosting Zoom pop-up office hours on Tuesday. March 9 from 9:30-11:30 am. Pop-up hours are a chance to drop by with no appointment and chat one-on-one about whatever's on your mind. Drop my office an email at jeff.leiper@ottawa.ca for the link to join.

I'm taking the week of March 15-19 (mostly) off, so our next pop-up will be on March 24 from 2-4.

Committee of Adjustment March 17

There are just a couple of Kitchissippi applications before the Committee of Adjustment at its March 17 meeting. Find the details of those here (the link is down this morning as I write - plese try again later in the day if that issue persists).

  • At 42 Byron. the owner is seeking to sub-divide the property to establish separate ownerships for the existing semi-detached.

  • At 134 Forward the owner wants to demolish the existing dwelling and to subdivide the property into two separate parcels of land. It is proposed to construct two long semi-detached dwellings, with a secondary dwelling unit in each semi-detached dwelling, with one long semi-detached dwelling on each newly created parcel. They’re seeking variances for lot width and area. The hearing on February 21 was adjourned and will resume.

Petition for permanent vehicle restrictions on Byron

Last summer, I worked with the City to restrict through-traffic on Byron between Redwood and Golden. We received a petition asking for permanent measures, and I'm seeking your feedback. Please read more here. I've already seen a lot of social media discussion this morning, but please be sure to email me once you've read and considered the post as well since we're only capturing email notes. As per the post instructions, please include your postal code or Emma will have to write you back to ask for it!

Connaught school maple syrup and coffee fundraiser

Getting ready for breakfast with the Easter Bunny? Support Connaught PS parent council’s fundraising campaign by purchasing Wheelers Organic Maple Syrup (Lanark County) and Bridgehead Coffee and Tea! Last day to place an order is March 10. Participate here.

Westboro residents group Roosevelt appeal fund

In January I posted a fundraising notice to support the Westboro Residents Group’s appeal of Council's bylaw amendment that would permit Domicile Developments to build a six-storey, 35-unit condo with ground floor retail on Roosevelt Avenue, a development I sought to prevent. Thanks to the generous support of the community they have been able to raise $8,000 since January. Another $10,000 is still needed to pay the group’s final outstanding professional fees.  

Please make a difference by contributing to a cause dedicated to keeping Kitchissippi a great place to live. If you would like to make a contribution you can send an e-transfer to westbororesidentsgroup@gmail.com (answer to the security question: Starbucks), or you can also send an email to the email address above to arrange for a cheque pickup and deposit.

At City Hall

City Council

On March 10, Council will meet with an agenda that I expect will largely be confirming the recommendations by multiple committees in the past week or so. In our ward the Corso Italia station secondary plan that will guide development on either side of the O-Train from the Queensway to Somerset, including the very substantial Gladstone Village, should see quick passage, along with an associated report to purchase 1010 Somerset from the feds. The 1705 Carling proposed development will also go to a final vote after being deferred at the last minute from the last Council meeting to deal with a technical issue in the report. A final vote will also be taken to extend the temporary parking lot at 991 Carling.

There may also be further debate on the City's proposed financing plan for our 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan, although that was exhaustively debated at a joint meeting of the Community and Protective Services Committee and Finance and Economic Development Committee this week. I expect that councillors who don't sit on the Transportation Committee may also want to ask some questions about the Road Safety Action Plan now recommended by committee for approval.

View the full Council agenda here (again, that's unavailable this morning, but please persist - it'll come back).

Thanks Chris for sending me this pic of Adelle, Siena, Julie and Ali who are grade 4 students in M. Lachapelle's class at Broadview. They were assigned research into how gears and pulleys work, and did a practical test by seeing which gears are best used to pull a person around McKellar Park.


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