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Office of Councillor Jeff Leiper
June 27, 2021
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Welcome to the Kitchissippi Ward newsletter!


Covid-19 updates

Vaccination continues to move quickly ahead as Covid-19 case numbers in Ottawa plummet. Starting tomorrow at 8 am, anyone age 18 and over who has a booking for a second vaccination can seek an earlier booking through the site here. Earlier bookings are subject to confirmed availability of vaccine. I've found that it's worth it, if you're unsuccesful when new eligibility criteria open up, to check the site every few days. There's some fluidity in appointments as people move theirs around and the City adds new bookings.

The City has also added a new registration system to take advantage of last-minute dose availabilities. Sign up here to get a text, email or phone call when unexpected appointments pop up on any given day. You'll need to register each day - the system is re-set a midnight every day to ensure that the list is always fresh.

I think we're all extremely encouraged that everything is trending in the right direction. However, I'd be remiss not to caution that the virus is still in our community and still resulting in deaths. When in close proximity to others, please continue wearing your masks. If you're on a patio, please put your mask on to chat with your server. Keep limiting close contacts, and follow good hand-washing practices. 

Find all the latest news about the pandemic, including special statements by Dr. Vera Etches and other officials here, and sign up for the vaccination newsletter offered by the City here.

Committee of Adjustment July 7

The Committee of Adjustment hearing for July 7 is now online. Get the details of the Breezhill applications (on Panel 2) here and on the others (Panel 1) here. In our ward:

  • The application for 264 and 266 Breezhill as well as for 268 and 270 Breezehill will resume after having been adjourned.
  • At 86 Carruthers, the owner is seeking to divide the property into two separate parcels, demolish the existing rear addition and to construct a three-storey addition in its place to create a three-storey long semi.
  • At 1040 Somerset (the 30-storey tower), Claridge is seeking to permit a reduced visitor parking rate.
  • At 302 Westhill, the owner is seeking a sub-division and conveyances for the semi under construction.
  • At 144 Mulvihill, the owners are seeking to demolish a portion of their existing one-and-a-half-storey detached dwelling and construct a one-storey addition on top and in the rear to create a two-storey dwelling. They're seeking minor variances for the corner side-yard setback and a reduced front-year setback.
  • At 438 Byron, the owner is seeking to develop the third-floor attic space to include the construction of two new shed dormers on the east and west sides of the dwelling. They're seeking minor variances to include a higher building height, reduced westerly side-yard setback and to permit the eaves to be closer to the lot line than is permitted.
  • At 304 Lanark, the owner is seeking a change of condition to permit the subdivision of the parcel to establish separate ownerships for the construction of two long semis.

I'm also now in receipt of the Panel 1 decisions from the June 16 meeting (which are in their appeal period until July 15). At 1960 Scott/315 McRae, the easements were granted. At 86 Hamilton, the easements and variances were refused. At 147 and 159 Forward (the new CCOC building), the application for variances was largely granted though the request for narrower parking spots was withdrawn.

Part-time office position

Emma is leaving my office. I can't replace her, but I can try! I've got details of a part-time office position here. Please don't send any material or questions to anyone but Lisa at the email address listed in the post. I'm trying out a "blind" hiring process. It's my first one, and will be imperfect, but I think it's important.

Ottawa Hospital open house June 29

The Ottawa Hospital is hosting an open house to look at their plans for the proposed new Civic campus. I've got more information about that here. Thanks to those who have copied my office on their feedback into the site plan thus far; please keep it coming. I share the community's pre-occupations and expect over the course of the summer that most of my continued engagement will be around mitigating the traffic impacts implied by the proposal. Keeping traffic on Carling and avoiding cut-through, shifting as much of that traffic as possible to active modes and public transit, and re-visiting the use of Maple Drive as emergency access are top-of-mind. I've also expressed my concerns about the above-ground parking proposed for the site and the loss of intuitive and convenient cycling routes.

Kitchissippi "As We Heard It" Official Plan report published

City planning staff have published the Kitchissippi-specific As We Heard It report addressing concerns that have been raised about the Official Plan as those relate to our ward. Find that document here. There will be an open house to explore changes proposed for the "Inner Urban Transect", which includes Kitchissippi tomorrow night. Find the details of that here. There are a couple of items that are worth highlighting off the top, including that staff continue to feel that a "minor corridor" designation would be appropriate for Sherbourne, the tree canopy target will continue to be a city-wide one rather than neighbourhood specific, and (possibly the biggest question in my mind), any decisions about allowing greater density in single-detached-home neighbourhoods (R1) will be done through the comprehensive zoning review to come in the next term of Council.

Ottawa Community Consultation on Islamophobia

On July 5, the Ottawa Muslim Association, our MPP Joel Harden and I will be hosting a community consultation with Muslim members of our community on what our governments can do to end systemic Islamophobia and hate in Canada. View the Facebook event page here including registration information to participate.

Nature in Kitchissippi Facebook group

Local residents have created a new Facebook group, Nature in Kitchissippi, to focus on sharing neat wildlife sightings in the ward, ideas for how to encourage more nature in Kitchissippi (ideas for pollinator gardens, backyard bird feeders, native plants in parks, etc.) and generally answering questions relevant to nature in our neighbourhood. Visit here.

Join my Run For Women team: last week!

Thank you so much to everyone who has generously donated to my Run For Women team! We've raised $675 for the Royal. Consider joining my 5k run/walk team, WalkABitRunABit, here or making a donation. As the run approaches, organizers are offering $5 off the registration fee for anyone who signs up and joins a team. Use the code RFWIMPACT for the next week. The proceeds will go directly to The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre's women's mental health program that is doing such critical work across the city right here in our ward. The event, of course, is virtual and participants will take part any time between July 4-11. Thank you to everyone who has made generous donations to the effort so far! 

Ottawa Community Housing tenant portal

Ottawa Community Housing has launched a new tenant portal that offers account balance checking, the status of repairs and, soon, requesting non-urgent repairs. Residents can learn more and sign up here. If any tenants would like help with the portal, please give OCH a call at 613.731.1182 and they'd be happy to help walk you through it.

July 1 cooking and conversation with Parkdale Food

Join At Home With AnnaChef Chris Commandant, and Chef Kent Van Dyk preparing Bannock and conversation about its origin stories. Take a journey of Indigenous cuisine through the lens of food security and learn how important it is to acknowledge that land we are living in while repecting traditions and learning more from our peers. Meal kits are only available to regular At Home With Anna participants, but recipes and a grocery list will be provided beforehand in order to have all you need for this exciting event. Donations will be in support of The Indian Residential School Survivors Society. Register here. Donate to the IRSSS here.

At City Hall

Agriculture and Rural Affairs

The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meets on Monday, June 28. Among a series of workaday agenda items, as well as separate consideration of the omnibus and parking/SDU amendments noted above, the Committee will be looking at permitting "on-farm diversified uses and agriculture-related uses in rural and agriculture and agricultural zones of the city". It looks meaty. Likely to generate some headlines, there is also an item on the agenda to allow a cannabis production facility on the Carp Airport lands at 200 Russ Bradley Road. View these and other agenda items here.

Ottawa Police Services Board

The Police Services Board meets on Monday at 4 pm. It will be a contentious meeting with items including the proposed procurement of services to help develop its budget, its review of use of force, and the development of its strategic planning process. The Board will also hear a response to the racist meme we saw in May, a report from the SIU on an Orleans incident a year ago, and more. View the Board's full agenda here.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee meets on Tuesday, June 29, to receive the Solid Waste Master Plan phase 2 report and approve its goals and vision as planning continues. They will also debate a proposal to delegate to staff the negotiation of a two-year contract with the existing solid waste curbside collection companies. View the full agenda here.

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committeee meets on Monday, July 5 with a breezy agenda that includes an update on the Kanata North Autonomous Vehicle Strategy and two Vanier parking and speed zone items. See the full agenda here.

Finance and Economic Development Committee

FEDCO has a very significant meeting on July 6. The "budget directions" and consultation process will be debated likely to a pre-determined outcome as the Mayor again seeks a 3% tax increase target for the 2022 budget. The Committee will also receive a number of "lessons learned" documents related to the Stage 2 LRT procurement as that relates to Stage 3 procurment, and there is the high-profile recommendation by staff with respect to re-developing Lansdowne Park including the north side stands. A new community improvement plan for Orleans will be debated.

Of note for our ward, the environmental remediation of Hickory Avenue is also on the table as a part of phase 2 of the SoHo Champagne development. 

View the full FEDCO agenda here.


For more, visit our site at KitchissippiWard.ca.

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