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Further thoughts on W-LRT

On March 6, the City of Ottawa and National Capital Commission announced that the 100-day Working Group had achieved a compromise that ensures a route for western light rail through the sensitive Dominion-Cleary corridor.

On November 21, supported by myself and many in the community, the NCC challenged the City to develop a plan for using the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway that wouldn’t have adverse access and visual impacts. They sought a solution that would preserve greenspace and trees.


Caring Kitchissippi: Right Bike & Cycle Salvation

Another great organization that will be represented at the Kitchissippi Forum on April 18 is Right Bike.


Kitchissippi Parking Strategy

Parking in the Westboro Village retail area has been a persistent issue for years – and more recently, it seems to be growing along Wellington West as well. Businesses are concerned that they’re losing customers to suburban malls that offer easy car access, and even some residents find that parking is scarce when they need or want to drive to a local merchant.

When there’s parking pressure, cars begin circling the block for in order to find a spot. This creates traffic congestion and wasted time, increased air pollution and decreased pedestrian and cyclist safety.


Short road closures coming up

We've received notice of two short road closures:

  • Dovercourt will be closed from Churchill to Melbourne, April 20-22
  • Avondale will be closed from Churchill to Melbourne, May 4-6.

Contractors will be doing work associated with integrated road, sewer and watermain construction. Local and emergency access will be maintained.


Parkdale/Scott condo at Planning Committee next week

Next week, Planning Committee will be asked to recommend approval of a 23- and 25-storey condo tower development at the corner of Scott and Parkdale. Residents may recall that this Richcraft project was first proposed before the Scott Street Community Design Plan (CDP) was undertaken, then put on hold. When that CDP and associated secondary plan (the zoning law) were approved, those essentially cleared the way for this development.


Road work continues in Westboro this summer

The roadwork that started last year will continue in Westboro this summer. We've received notice that Edison from Kenwood to Dovercourt has been authorized to be closed from April 9 to August 26. Nearby residents will soon receive written notification in their mailbox. My thanks to residents in the area for their patience and understanding. Of course, if you have any concerns, please call or write to me anytime.


O-Train MUP extension open house April 11

The eastside O-Train MUP is being extended from Carling to Young. The meeting outlined in the notice below is an opportunity to take a look at the preliminary design and provide community feedback.

Trillium Multi-Use Pathway Phase II

Young Street to Carling Avenue

Contract No. ISD14-5085


April 2015


New off-leash dog hours in Fisher Park

Many of you have been waiting to hear about the requested off-leash dog hours for Fisher Park. After a long consultation with many comments received, it's been decided to designate the park to allow dogs off-leash year-round from 5 am to 7:30 am, and 8:30 pm to 11 pm. Dogs will be allowed on leash at other times of day.

Fisher Park was our park when my son was a toddler, and we spent countless hours on the play structure there. I'm comfortable that these hours are a good compromise that will allow all park users to enjoy the space.

New signage will be posted imminently.


Let's end corporate donations in our elections

At our most recent City Council meeting, my colleague Tobi Nussbaum provided notice of a motion he intends to bring to our April 15 meeting to ask for the authority from Queen’s Park to ban corporate and union donations in our municipal election.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I am fully supportive of his efforts.

Corporate and union donations fundamentally skew our elections by providing some stakeholders a second opportunity to influence election outcomes.


Suspicious behaviour related to pets in Kitchissippi

Yesterday, a cat named Jeremy belonging to a Hintonburg resident went missing. Residents are asked to keep an eye out for Jeremy.

Just before the cat disappeared, the owner reports some suspicious behaviour on her property. The resident notes that she saw a woman approaching Jeremy. When she asked the woman whether she could help, the woman was startled, and handed the resident a package of cat treats saying she was giving out free samples. Without providing any information at all, the woman left, and an hour later Jeremy went missing.