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Councillor McKenney poses question to staff: what's a tree worth?

At Environment Committee this week, I was very pleased to see an inquiry made of staff by my colleague Catherine McKenney in the wake of the removal of several mature trees on Gilmour that generated headlines. Her inquiry should be answered on the record by late next month. I'm looking forward to seeing the reply. As I type this, a silver maple at an infill site in Champlain Park is being taken down after being damaged by the developer last year. I'm discouraged today that progress on preserving our mature tree canopy is moving anywhere near quickly enough.



Learn something new every day: turbidity

One of the most fascinating parts of this job is learning how the City works beneath our feet. Most of us don't think very often about the civil works and engineering that mostly just hum along.


More Bayview MUP changes

We now have some visibility into how the MUPs and construction will work until August 2017. To help explain the changes, I've made a short video that animates some of the changes. Briefly, there are several changes and dates to keep in mind:


Loblaws proposed development

With apologies for the late posting (we used social media and the newsletter to spread word last week), I want to make sure everyone knows about a proposal by the Loblaws Real Estate Income Trust to develop the back of the 190 Richmond Road Superstore property. Loblaws is proposing a big new residential development, as described below. They have not yet applied for the necessary re-zonings, and I'll have a lot more information online in the next few weeks.


Ready to join Team Kitchissippi?

Ready to join Team Kitchissippi?!

I'm seeking a Councillor's assistant working at the grassroots level with resident and City stakeholders on a variety of municipal issues including transportation and the environment. The ideal candidate:


LRT and 747 Richmond Road tenants

As has been related in the press, the re-location of the Phase 2 LRT alignment through the property at 747 Richmond Road would mean the commercial tenants in that building would face upheaval. The tenants have written to me, asking why the City is proposing to locate a station there, and whether the City and I have taken into account the impact on their business. I dropped in last week to speak with just about all the tenants at length. The process has moved quickly, and those tenants have very understandable concerns.


Kitchissippi by-law complaints

Staff sent me this week a summary of by-law complaints in our ward. I haven't had the chance to review it in-depth, but find a little unnerving the number of graffiti complaints in the most recent quarter as a percentage of all complaints in the city. The summary is posted below for your consideration - click on the .xls file.



Pedestrians, buses and drive-thrus

Yesterday morning, I was caffeinated a little earlier than usual, so headed to the drive-thru at the corner of Carling and Broadview to capture some footage of how it works from a transit and pedestrian view. I was disappointed that the sidewalk was consistently blocked by cars - even when drivers could clearly see pedestrians and had a choice to let them pass. I made a quick video to show the impact. Of course, my main concern is to demonstrate the impact putting a drive-thru at the corner of Island Park and Richmond Road would have.


Former president/CEO John Campbell to speak at Ottawa planning event

In a first for the City's planning department, on May 4 from 7-9 there will be a presentation and webcast by former president and CEO of the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corp. to talk about design and sustainability in the public realm. It should be a fascinating discussion. Following Campbell's presentation, city planning staff will offer practical tips for residents interested in presenting at City standing committees and insights about how the Committee of Adjustment works. 


Westboro FUSE launches!

A huge congratulations to the Westboro Village Business Improvement Area for its successful launch party held this week for the Westboro FUSE. FUSE will be held on Richmond Road June 10-12, with street activities, food and drink, a comedy night, the Mountain Equipment Coop Westboro Mile, fashion, shopping and music.