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Intensification and the new Official Plan

(This post is a 15-minute read but is probably the most important I have written. Can’t read it now? Consider bookmarking it and returning to it when you have some time.)

Cities grow.


NCC Burnside embassies application

On Wednesday night, I'm hosting an open house to which residents are invited to hear from the NCC about their proposal for an "embassy row" on the open parcel of land between Burnside and the SJAM parkway.


Byron Place / Churchill / Highcroft Development - Parkette Consultation

As you may be aware, the proposed development at Byron Place / Churchill / Highcroft has been approved by Planning Committee. As part of that proposed development, there is a parkette component and the developer and the City are ready to consult with the community about how you want that space to look, feel and function. The public art piece, Tree of Life by artist Jennifer Stead will not be disrupted by the parkette and will be incorporated into any design agreed upon by the community.


Tewin and my urban boundary vote this week

At a joint meeting of the planning and agriculture and rural affairs committees this week, I voted against a motion to focus on the Tewin lands as our next tranche of urban boundary expansion lands. I've received a few questions on why, and thought it would be worthwhile to try to unpack a very complicated issue beyond the headlines.


319, 325 and 327 Richmond Road, 381 Churchill Avenue North, and 380 Winona Avenue - Zoning By-law Amendment & Site Plan Control - application update

For those following the progress of this development, there are new ew material is available on Devapps.

The applicant, in response to comments received to date, has submitted revised plans and made significant changes to the design of the building. The applicant described the project updates and statistics as follows:


Vaccination progress and plan briefing - January 26

Councillors this morning received this morning a briefing on vaccination progress. Click the .pdfs below to view those documents.


Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan Consultation

This week, Councillors and the media were sent the following notice about upcoming parks and rec master plan consultations. The survey here will be open until February 5.


Community equity and safety consultations

Last June at the height of resident calls to address police funding, I wrote a post looking at how a re-allocation of that into measures that build a more equitable city, and thus safer city for everyone, might be accomplished.

Planning for Priorities: City Planning and Infrastructure Impacts: February 9, 2021

Over the last six years, I've frequently been asked questions related to how the city is planned and the infrastructure we need paid for. Cycling advocates in particular wonder how and when funding decisions get made, and according to what priorities.


LRT Stage 2 Slurry Plant Operations Public Webinar, January 28, 7pm

With Stage 2 LRT construction well underway across Kitchissippi Ward and the city, some residents in the neighbourhoods along Richmond Road have raised concerns about the slurry plant, to be located sandwiched between 655 Richmond Road and the SJAM Parkway. Our office and the LRT Stakeholder Relations Team have been fielding many questions related to the operations of the plant, with concerns about issues like noise, vibrations, exhaust and traffic.