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Mooney's Bay Collector Reconstruction (near Hintonburg Place) Public Information Session

Sewer work is coming to the area around the Trillium O-Train line by Hintonburg Place. Here is the flyer sent to local residents about the upcoming Public Information Session.





November 2019

You are invited:

Monday December 2, 2019

6 to 8 pm

Tom Brown Arena

141 Bayview Rd, Ottawa


Dear Resident,



Strategic Road Safety Plan: my first review

Today, the City released its Strategic Road Safety Action Plan. It’s a weighty document that outlines the measures it proposes Council adopt to reduce the number of collisions resulting in fatalities and major injuries (FMIs). On top of around $27.5 million being spent on safety measures today, they propose putting an additional $4 million into a variety of initiatives and projects to reduce FMIs.


Stage 2 LRT update, Nov. 11-24

We've received the most recent update for the Stage 2 LRT project. Click the French or English PDFs below for more details.


2070 Scott Street Development - Zoning By-Law Amendment and Site Plan Control Application - Community Meeting

In the summer, we hosted a community meeting to discuss a proposed development at 2070 Scott St. The applicant has now formally submitted both a Zoning By-law Amendment and Site Plan Control application to construct a 23-storey mixed-use building with ground-floor commercial units, a 4-level underground parking garage with access from Winona Avenue, and 241 residential units.


Kitchissippi Ward Forum - November 26, 2019 6:00-8:00pm with focus on Planning and Intensification

We are hosting our next Kitchissippi Ward Forum on Tuesday, November 26 from 6:00-8:00pm at the Hintonburg Community Centre (Wellington Room). This time, we would like to focus on intensification, planning and growth in our City, focusing on the new Official Plan, as well as our Westboro-based policy studies (the Westboro Interim Control By-Law Study, currently underway, and the Westboro-Dominion Planning Study, up-coming).


Stage 2 LRT update

The City's rail construction office has provided us with its latest Stage 2 update. Click the PDFs below for updates on construction and tree removals. Last year, several trees were transplanted elsewhere in the surrounding area, but construction of the LRT under Byron Linear Park leads unfortunately to the rest being cut down as the builder gets ready to cut and cover the new rail tunnel.


Lead Pipe Replacement Program Updates Coming in Spring 2020

Living in a home built before 1955? If so, you may have a lead water service pipe connecting your home to the City’s water supply.

Drinking water supplied by the City is lead-free. However, trace amounts of lead can dissolve into drinking water during contact with lead in your home’s plumbing. This may impact the safety of your tap water.

The Lead Pipe Replacement Program provides support to eligible residents with the replacement of the public and private portions of a home’s lead water service pipe.


Bayview "Tent City": next steps

By Jeff Leiper and Catherine McKenney


Azure building applies for re-zoning (Churchill/Scott)

Following a well-attended pre-application open house last summer, the developer at Churchill/Scott has moved ahead with an application for a 23-storey mixed-use building with 241 residential units. It's a tight fit and I'm not convinced the lot has the breathing room to accomodate such a dense development.


Bayview Yards expansion to FEDCO

The Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards (ICBY) is asking Council for permission to finance and build a ~600 square meter, two-storey addition for ~$3.5 million as pictured in the inset. Insofar as I can ascertain, the building would be as-of-right - that is, wouldn't require planning approvals other than for a building permit and a heritage permit (with authority delegated to staff for the decision).