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Tunney's Pasture heating/cooling building

I want to thank residents who have asked about a new heating plant to be built on the Tunney's Pasture campus.


Kitchissippi and the ward boundary review

I’ve been fielding lots of questions about the ward boundary review and apologize for not having written up a summary sooner. It’s important, and I hope I can answer some of the common questions below.


175 Richmond Rd - Zoning By-Law Amendment, Site Plan + Open House Webinar

A Zoning By-Law Amendment application (with Site Plan to follow) has been submitted for the proposed development at 175 Richmond Rd. Prior to this application, a Zoning By-law Amendment application (D02-02-11-0102) was submitted in 2011 and approved for this property in order to amend the zoning from ‘General Industrial, Subzone 1 – IG1’ to ‘Traditional Mainstreet – TM’ with site-specific zoning provisions.


403 Richmond Rd & 398 Roosevelt Ave(Tubman's) - OPA, Zoning By-Law Amendment, Site Plan + Open House Webinar

A proposed development is being contemplated at 403 Richmond Rd and 398 Roosevelt Ave, which is currently occupied by Tubman's Funeral Home. Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law Amendment applications will be brought forward seeking to to allow for a 9-storey residential building with 580 square metres of retail commercial fronting onto Richmond Rd. The building is proposing approximately 170 units, including 5 at-grade residential units fronting onto Roosevelt.


Gladstone Station District Secondary Plan - Official Plan Amendment & Zoning By-law Amendment

Site Location
The Gladstone Station District Secondary Plan area is generally bounded by Somerset
Street to the north, Highway 417 to the south, Breezehill Avenue and Loretta Avenue (south
of Gladstone Avenue) to the west, and Preston Street (including properties facing Preston
Street on its east side) and Booth Street (south of Balsam Street) to the east.


Ottawa River Outfalls Rehabilitation Project Woodroffe, North Rice, Cleary, Mansfield and Workman Avenues and Slidell Street - Construction Notice


Ottawa River Outfalls Rehabilitation Project Woodroffe, North Rice, Cleary, Mansfield and Workman Avenues


163, 159 + 167 Parkdale Ave - Site Plan Control + Open House Webinar


As you may be aware, a Site Plan Control application for 163, 159 & 167 Parkdale Ave has been submitted. You can review the application further on DevApps. The Zoning for these properties was previously approved in 2013 and the buildings previously on the site have since been demolished. 


Construction activity at 190 Richmond Rd / Real Canadian Superstore

As you may recall, there is an approved development for the southern half of 190 Richmond Rd, behind the Real Canadian Superstore. We wanted to let the community know that there will be some construction activity occuring on the site soon, but it is not for the approved development.


Mizrahi construction updates - August 5 & 7

From Clark Construction Management: 

Please be advised that on August 5th and 7th the following operations will be happening at 1451 Wellington West Project. At 7:00am concrete trucks will be entering the site from Wellington St, turning north on Carleton Ave., after that they will turn left on Garrison St. 

After they come to the end of Garrison St. the concrete trucks will turn right/north on Rockhurst briefly then be backed up into the sites Gate #3. 

At which time they will be emptied of there contents and leave by taking Rockhurst St. right out to Scott St.



This week, the City saw the launch of e-scooter rental services after Council earlier approved an e-scooter pilot period and allowed the devices on City roads. Based on the social media interactions I've had, I thought it might be useful to provide a little more information about the scooters and how to use them. You're likely seeing them parked around the City and parts of our ward, or have seen people riding them around.