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It’s going to get a bit noisy at Clifton Avenue...

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After consulting with neighbours and negotiating specific limitations with developers Broccolini and Bridgeport, Councillor Leiper alerts residents of changes to noise regulations governing the worksite at 319 McRae in order to speed up construction.

Message from Councillor Leiper

As residents are likely aware, a large mixed-use development at 319 McRae is being built by Broccolini and Bridgeport. Work is well underway, and the developer needs to start pouring its floors. As floors are poured, they need to be finished. This is accomplished with finishing machines and heaters that make noise, and that noise will occasionally go past the permitted hour of 10 pm. The builder has asked for exemptions to the noise by-law that will allow them to undertake this work.

Through November, I’ve worked with and consulted residents on Clifton who are expected to be affected, as well the builder and the Westboro Community Association, to develop an approach to these noise exemptions.

There are two pours planned for today and December 13 that are nearly guaranteed to go late into the wee hours because of the size and complexity of these pours. In the new year, there will be 20 more pours. Depending on factors such as humidity, temperature or mechanical SNAFUs, the finishing work for some of these pours may go into the prohibited hours. It’s unpredictable – but some will almost certainly require and exemption. Many won’t.

I am currently working with City staff and the builder to arrange:

- Noise exemptions in this calendar year for the December 4 and 13.

Pre-approval of up to 11 more exemptions (to take into account the unpredictability of when finishing work will go past 10 pm) between January 1 to March 30, 2015 subject to several conditions.

Those conditions include:

a) The builder must make available and distribute a schedule for the dates when pours are to be done with as much notice as possible;

b) No exemption will be granted for Sundays;

c) The noise must be the result of using the finishing machines and heaters, which will be specifically described in the exemption. No other source of noise is allowed after 10 pm;

d) When it is ascertained that the finishing work will likely go into the prohibited hours, the builder must notify by email the residents on the west side of Clifton, as well as any other residents who request to be added to that notification list. This notification is to occur no later than 8 pm.

The noise isn’t expected to be a nuisance on the east side of Clifton or in the broader community, and the developer has been cooperative and open. As the building goes higher, the noise impact is expected to become less and less.

Broccolini and Bridgeport maintain a blog to connect with the surrounding neighbourhood. Residents can sign up for email updates, and I’d encourage everyone to do so. Let me know what you think or whether you have any concerns at, or calling my office at 613-580-2485.

Posted December 4, 2014